Do you think it would be possible that I have Bipolar Disorder or Cyclothymia? Lately I have been noticing that my mood constantly change between happy, engergetic, jittery, and having a lot if fun, and depressed, tired, wanting to lay down, not wanting to talk to anyone, thinking that I am miserable and hopeless and that I am only going to be unhappy for the rest of my life. If sometimes changes within an hour, sometimes it takes a day, and sometimes it remains mainly for about 4 days with a few happy or normal short periods during it. The main reason why I am questioning wether I have it or not, is because I am not sure if it is intense enough. I will describe how I am during each mood a little better. When I am happy, I am constantly moving my legs, talking to my friends and random classmates, laughing a lot, feeling like I am going explode, even getting yelled at for talk to much, which I VERY abnormal for me. And I even start thinking I can do really well at some things and start to exaggerate more. Then when I am sad, I don't want to be around people, I want to slip into my own imaginary world, I want to cry the while time, I am very slow, do not smile often, feel very annoyed at anyone that talks to me, I think that my whole life is going to be miserable. One major thing I feel when depressed is that my life is controlled by others and that I just do whatever other people want me to, and that I will never get to relax and do what I want, and I also feel like I will never stop worrying about the things around me. I feel like I definitely have Bipolar Disorder, but I also feel as if I may be exaggerating. I think I described how I am pretty well, so I reall would appreciate it if everyone would comment on this telling me if it sounds like I have Bipolar Disorder or not. I am going to start observing my emotions and if I have enough people telling me that they think I have it, I will talk to my parents about getting evaluated. Thank you! I hope I get a lot of responses!


2019 days ago
Hi there

we cannot diagnose here, nor can anyone online really try to as only a professional in person evaluation would really be able to determine what, if any, condition you may have. There are many conditions that have overlapping symptoms and that is why a professional would look at your complete list of symptoms, medical history, psychological factors etc etc

I would therefore suggest you try to schedule a visit to your doctor for a check up and then a referral to a psychologist for mental health evaluation, or just start at the psychologist and see what they suggest.

You can also check our forums and speak to others there who may be able to offer some suggestions. Just click COMMUNITY top right of the page to register there.

2014 days ago
Maybe you should do more research into other disorders. Like the axis II group for example, and if you find any strong similarities collect information to take to a professional. Because like Chemar said we can't diagnose on this site because we aren't licensed.