tonight at about 2:25am i awoke from having a dream about being shot not once but from memory it was three times on different occassions by someone i know or i think i know, in my dream i knew him. from what i remember it started with my brother and i driving and stopping infront of a man at night as we got out of the car he fired a shotty at us one shell hit me in the stomach and my brother was also hit i then tuned out of that dream and into another as if i was changing scenes in a movie. in this second part i was trying to get my brother to the hospital and e made it. i then remember being at a hospital or maybe even a school, i was with my fiance she was in her own car and i was in my own, we parked and went inside this building in which i remember thinking to myself i know who the person was, in this "scene" of my dream i had three pellet scars from the shotgun shooting in the first scene. i cant remember exactly but im pretty sure the man from the first "scene" where i was shot appeared at this school or hospital and got me again with a handgun but i never died for the two. Now the third scene i was at a park with my friends and these guys walked up (3 or 4 of them) and asked me if i wanted to have a rap battle with them i declined so one patted me on the back and told me its ok or its all good(somewhere along those lines) and behind his back he reached out with a revolver (either a 357. or 38.) and started firing while i was running. the guy who shot at me then wasnt the same man from the previous two. but i also have a bad feeling like somethings going to happen. its weird because ive never had a dream like this before i rarely ever have a dream... what does all this mean???


3042 days ago

we dont actually do dream analysis here as this is more a place for help with real life problems.

I believe that dreams are usually related to a blend of the things we encounter in life and the things in our subconscious. perhaps you had been exposed to a violent movie, TV show or video game prior to this dream oreven something in the news

It is likely that the bad feeling you are experiencing is more related to the dream than a premonition

3042 days ago
I agree with Chemar, this is just a nightmare. If you've never experienced dreams coming true, it's not a premonition.

3041 days ago
Hello, I myself have had bad dreams. Roughly the same kind you have. I serve in the Armed Forces, and most of it I can relate to that experiance even though I've never been in a firefight. I think that nightmares are like clips, they can make you jump, but these "memory" dreams probably feel real as if you had just got shot. Raw emotions, like love, fears, sadness, excitment, and even pain can be felt in some of these dreams. Your statement says that you are probably in the ghetto and this is bothering you otherwise you wouldn't be on this site. They simply are a manifestation of a transistional phase in your life, moving from one extreme to another. Excuse my spelling, I never was a good writter.

3041 days ago
You maybe have watched too many violent movies