Hi - Am currently undergoing weekly ECT (electro-convulsive therapy - yes shock treatments). Have had multiple 70+ over the past several years. Am wondering if anyone has experienced some of the side effects I am such as mania and memory loss? I know memory loss is very common, but I have been taking both Aricept and Namenda (for memory loss) and am only in my early 40's and feel my memory is consistently getting worse. Anyone have any experience with ECT? PLEASE no bashing of ECT's - I know there are pro's and con's I just want some sharing of experiences. Thanks


2025 days ago
Hi - you may get more responses from those who've had ECT in the forum section. You should also ask your doctor if, the meds could be causing the mania or if this is one of the side affects of ECT. You can join the forum section by clicking on Community and registering there. Here's our own articles on ECT:


Infor. on Articept Namenda: mentions difficulty sleeping.



2019 days ago
Hi there I too have had treatments not as much as you but I find my memory is very vague especially the 2 years while I under went the E.C.T's so your right it does cause memory loss and its not something in my opinion that can ever be repaired .