I am 55 years old and have had this problem my whole life. I have a lot of energy, eat a good diet and sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. My problem is that whenever I have to concentrate on something, a difficult book or lecture for example, for more than ten minutes I drop off. I can go longer if I am really fresh in the morning, but other than that I tend fall in to a deep sleep. This has made it difficult to learn math, understand physics, or even learn government rules and regulations.

I have a college age son who has ADHD and I notice I share some symptoms with him. Any advice where I can find answers?

Thank you,


2029 days ago
Hi- if your son has ADD, then it is quite possible that you could have it too. What your describing sounds like inattentive ADD. There is a section about ADD on here that is very informative. There are also many tests online that can give you an idea of whether u could have it. If u want a real diagnosis, u should contact a psychologist or a psychiatrist in your area who can do an evaluation, give u a diagnosis, and begin u on medication... If u need a referral, I would ask your regular doc.

2029 days ago
Hi - naturally since we're not doctors, we can't diagnose you. What you describe sounds like 'narcolepsy' - its when someone falls asleep without warning and has no control when it happens. Ask your doctor about this and see if it would be beneficial to send you for a sleep study. You can also ask for a screening for ADHD. Here's a link to our info on narcolepsy: