Ever since I was six years old (i think), before I go to bed I always feel like I have to check the sheets on the bed to make sure that if there were to be an emergency, I can get out of them easily. I specifically remember my parents coming into my bedroom at night to tuck me in, and then I would start freaking out because all of these thoughts go through my head of my not being able to get out of them. Usually when I get these thoughts, I will get really sweaty and shakey and breathing hard. My heart usually races as well. I was wondering if anyone on here knew why that is. Please help me.


3194 days ago
Ha! I do this too! Still! I always plan for an emergency. There's nothing wrong with it.

If you are really bothered by it, what you can do is try and talk rationally to yourself. You can ask yourself "what are the chances that there will really be an emergency?" Almost zero. "What are the chances that having the sheets tucked in will really make a difference as to my survival?" Again, almost zero. That might help you respond a little better to your fears of disaster.

There are 2 other things I like to do when I'm in this situation. 1) I watching the fear in me. I don't take it that seriously and I just feel it overwhelm me. Eventually it cools down. 2) I imagine myself keeping cool in a disaster. I imagine what I would do and how calm I would do it. That helps a lot.

Why does it happen? You're just worrying a little. It's normal. Worrying is what keeps us alive. Occasionally it gets a little out of hand, in which case you just need to put it back in place with an exercise like the ones I offered. Try them for a month and see which ones work best. If you still want some more ideas, you can consult a psychologist (cognitive-behavioral might be a good choice). If you're still worried even after you try the exercises, that's okay. They don't immediately make the worrying go away, but after some time, they help things calm down.


3190 days ago
Anxiety could definitely be what is going on. Also, as edahn said, it is a good thing to "be prepared," but it also is important to make sure its not paranoia.

Does it influence your life in any other way? If so, I would wonder, if not, then dont worry.