Okay, I`ve been trying to search for help for months now and haven`t gotten anywhere. Some of you probably heard of me once before on a previous thread of mine and I really appreciated for everyone who helped. Now I`m having another issue. My name is john and I`m 17 years old attending high school. first of all, I`m having a problem communicating with people and I`ve never dealt with this problem before. I try to be apart from everyone because of this fear inside me of interacting with them including my family. I don`t ever remember having this fear before, and even if I give it a try to speak with someone, my mind goes completely blank, is as if it went into a automatic shutdown. Second, I don`t think that i`m expressing myself like a 17 year old should, I don`t know why I feel as if I don`t have the intelligence for my proper age. It`s only because when it comes to solutions or thinking for an idea that would resolve the problem, it never comes into mind. I find myself forgetting words that I shouldn`t which is why I`m having trouble in communicating with just anybody even if it is online(through a chat server. All of this issues has started months ago and now just recently I felt lonely,disgraceful about myself because I have nothing to offer to my family, I can`t think of what i`ve had accomplished throughout all this years and only see myself going nowhere from this point on. I have been wanting to get a gf, first I created a relationship online with a girl last year, we spoked to each other through a cam, sent pictures, love letters, etc.. and Now she is away from my life only because I stopped speaking with her because I found myself in a predicament that I couldn`t communicate with anyone. I`,ve made a new relationship now with a girl in the same grade as me in the high school I attend and I`m afraid to loose her because of this problem that I`m having because everytime we meet it`s almost quiet when before I used to speak alot and be outgoing. All of the problems that I`m facing right now had led me to be really depressed and being a non-stable emotional person. From time to time my mood changes from being happy to being angry, to being sad,etc..and i`ve decided to come here today to seek for help because a couple of hours ago I was crying my eyes out without an explanation feeling suicidal, seeing how I was worthless, only a person taking space in this world because I can`t help my family, I don`t have a job, what bothers me the most is that everything I used to like had change, the way I used to think had changed, I cannot think straight, I don`t know what to from this point forward:(:(:(. PLease, if you find it in your heart to help me with advices on what to do or how should I manage to alleviate this pain,... thank you,


2998 days ago
Hi John

the fact that you are experiencing this change for no apparent reason suggests to me you need to try to see your doctor to have some tests run to make sure all is ok physically. If the doctor doesnt find anything, it would be good to get a referral for counseling to be able to talk thru these emotions and try to discover just what is causing this, and the best ways to cope

hope the new year brings healing and happiness for you

2997 days ago
Hi John,

since you're still having these problems I agree with Chemar - you should make an appointment with your family doctor and tell him exactly what you told us here. He/she can also give you a complete physical to rule out any physical reasons. Since you said you have difficulty with thinking of things to say I recommend bringing a list or this post with you. It sounds like you're depressed. DO you feel nervous when talking to people - this could be anxiety. Please don;t suffer alone and visit your doctor, okay John? Have a Happy New Year, Bella

2996 days ago
Hi John,

I can only repeat what Bella and Chemar have suggest. I think it is very important for you to go to the doctor and do it quickly.

You are not a worthless person, you are someone who needs to be supported and needs help. What you have described really requires the help of a medical doctor as the others have suggested to rule out any biological cause for these symptoms.

If you have fear you might forget when speaking to the doctor I highly recommend printing out your post and take it to them.

All the best and I wish you well.