I am in my late 30's, haven't had the best of childhood or adulthood, but have survived and am living a pretty good life for the moment. I was in the process of making plans to move near my boyfriend and I have been so excited about it!
About 4 days ago, my emotions ceased...became non-existant. The only way I can describe it is such an overwhelming 'numbing' feeling...I've never experienced anything before like this, ever and it has me quite worried.
I know I'm deeply in love with my boyfriend, but I feel nothing there...its as if everything I felt has vanished. All the excitement of building a life together has disappeared. I haven't cried from missing him as I have before with the distance between us. I feel nothing, no anger, no sadness, nothing...
I feel this total void as it's like someone ripped every emotion I had inside of me, out! I don't understand what is happening to me or what is going on, so I'm really hoping someone can help me out with advice, suggestions, or perhaps they too have experienced what I've tried to describe... Why have I all of a sudden feel so emotionless? Could this be depression?
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Thank you


3068 days ago
It could be depression but you say this came on suddenly and usually depression doesn't just immediately show up. I'm wondering if you're feeling anxious about this move - maybe you're feeling apprehensive about your relationship. Do you have past experiences with committment problems?? Sometimes when people are feeling very overwhelmed they shut down their emotions - it's a protective mechanism. Have you been very stressed out?

3067 days ago
It sounds to me that maybe either you really dont wanna move or that you are worried about the move.

Do you have problems with him or past problems with commitments?

It probably most definitely is, as Bella said, a protective mechanism.