Need help I have a friend who suffers from bipolar and BPD The last couple of days she has been down which she can usually shake off and be ok Now she is not ok she has been self harming not alot. she brought a razor today a cheap one and the other day she cut herself in her day program in the bathroom which she does not do She has a habit of wanting to end it all and then she tends to feel better in a few days and then feels the same way again She did not cut today but she is smoking alot which she does not do Doctor took her off her anti depressant last week I do not know if I should urge her to go to the hospital or not


2004 days ago

the very best advice you can give her is to go to the ER and stay under care till this crisis phase has passed.

I am assuming she is still on her bipolar and other meds? perhaps the doctor stopped the anti-depression due to bad side effects but that is NEVER done cold turkey and rather is gradually reduced to avoid serious withdrawal reactions.

I really think it sounds like she needs to be under professional observation 24/7 till this stabilizes

2003 days ago
hello- sounds like maybe there could be some serious underlying issues. Due to the nature of the situation i would suggest a hospital in such that would be impatient to watch her for observation. This could very well be your best option ...for her, at the moment.

2003 days ago
She is still on her bipolar meds