I am a young adult with 2 jobs in completely opposite. I am a millworker by day (40hr/week) and a jr web developer/programer by night (20-30hr/week). I am good at my jobs and at the mill am a leader with slightly more responsibility than the average joe. I have always been easily side tracked and have a wandering mind ect which can affect my performance. On days that I go straight from one job to the other, I also have a hard time switching gears and getting into/staying productive at my desk job after a day of screaming saws and wood slinging.

I know and even work with people that take one of the various ADD/ADHD medications and they say it really helps them. I would like to try this and see if it helps me. So I would like to take the test. However, I know that these are abused drugs and I feel like a doctor might think that I am nothing but another person looking for a prescription....but then again I am looking for a prescription, but for the good reasons not to abuse it.

Any input would be appreciated. I could also use some direction as to what kind of doctor to visit for this. I have heard various things from various people. I have good insurance so I should be covered, but I also don't want to end up having do a month to month evaluation like I have heard of kids/college students having to do.


2285 days ago
Hi - wow you have a huge work load. Do you have to work this much for financial reasons?? Have you always had this 'wondering mind' because this isn't something that starts later in life - usually adults who have this....had this all their life or they're undiagnosed ADD/ADHD sufferers. Usually regular family doctors can point you in the right direction and I don't think it would take a big evaluation. Are you sleeping enough - this can affect concentration. How was school when you were younger - any problems focusing then??

2285 days ago
Yes, I have been this way for most of my life and really just coasted through school. I was a little behind the curve as a younger student but by high school I did not hardly have to try and got my good grades for simply showing up. I work 2 jobs for the financial reasons. I went to college for a semester, but that did not work out. I was not responsible enough and also got into some trouble. Dropping out of college/legal trouble really kicked me into the "real world" over night. The schedule is really not that overwhelming. It is a 8-4:30 and then a few hours on the computer at night and on the weekends. I am happy in life and feel like I am finally really starting to get ahead and might even be able to go back to school part time soon.

I usually sleep 7-8 hours but am working on getting even more because i know i need it.

I remember in school some times zoning out and day dreaming for the better part of an entire lesson and missing an entire concept. I think i have been like this my entire life, but under my parents never really wanted to take action about it and just kind of lived with it.