When I was on my way to class, my step dad takes me and we usually drive by where I used to live, my old neighborhood where I used to live when I was 14 years old, my ex (aka my first love) used to live two blocks away from me. I look my right side and see my old neighborhood, I get these flashbacks about him how we met, how he used to come over to see me and pick up my brother to go to a boxing gym across the street from my house, and how he made me smile, and then it goes away, this happens on weekdays and deep down it made me sad.

Over a year ago, I found him before my 20th birthday, it was the greatest joy of my life, we had so much time together, we did things we never done before, we went swimming, hang out often, calls me and tells me he loves me, we talked about marriage and kids, I met his family for the first time, spending nights with him and he always there when I needed him the most but it didn't last long, because I was being insecure thinking that he was cheating on me, and how he was using me, my mom and step dad were judging him,then he was seeing someone else so I ended it and I took it hard, I had hard times getting over him.

This year now that I'm 21, there were times that I pass by a place where me and my ex used to be, I get this flashback about it how we used hang out and I have his earring that he gave me, I have more flashbacks how he gave it to me to keep. Sometimes when I do think about him, my heart aches and I get sad. Sometimes I even dream about him even though I don't think of him that much.


2027 days ago
Yes its normal to have flashbacks of a special 1st love, especially if you feel regretful about that relationship. Sounds like you regret being jealous. All we can do is learn from past relationships and mistakes. Hope it gets better.

2024 days ago
I'm over twice your age, with an awesome wife and kids... and I still have flashbacks about that "special girl" from high school. However, I've now learned to smile at them, knowing that they are just another happy memory of a great time growing up. I still have painful flashbacks of when I used to play baseball, which I can no longer do, or when I was a great musician, which I no longer play. This is just another. A part of me will always miss that girl, that first base position, and that mighty horn. But look what I've got now!!! [A great life]

2017 days ago
I'm hardly a professional but it sounds like you two had a special connection, so I wouldn't be surprised to remember being given something when you pass the place where he gave it to you, etc. don't worry, sounds perfectly normal to me :)