I work with a man, a married man, whom I see at least 5 times a day. I am single. I feel like we both try to find the other and try to find a way or reason just to talk with the other. I will be standing away from him, but still see he is near. Next thing I know, he is walking towards me and coming to stand beside me. I am a young girl and he is an older man. He is a very attractive man. Nothing has ever been said about anything or either one of us liking each other and i dont think it ever will. When i am in his office, we go over what needs to get done, but he asks for the door to be shut and for me to even bring a chair next to him. He has "accidentally" hit my foot with his foot a few times and grabbed my hand while grabbing things from my hand a couple of times as well. we can always find a reason to ask the other one a question or wait for the other to pass us in the hallway. I could be looking into this, but i have heard comments from my students and they always ask why we're always around each other. nothing, and i mean nothing has ever happened. there are so many coincidental instances that have happened between us, its too crazy to explain. if you want to hear more and think you can help me out with this question, please message me back.


3479 days ago

What's your question?


3479 days ago
My question is, do you think he may have a crush or is just trying to be a helpful prinicpal?

3475 days ago
Please be extremely careful. You don't want to ruin both careers over this, either.

It sounds a little bit like a crush, but we should probably know more before we could definitely say so.



2854 days ago
you are clearly interested in this man. why would you be asking this? this is more than a crush and will turn into something. i just hope you don't get hurt.

1996 days ago
If! You look at it this way!

Guys are always intrigued by women.

It could be that he is trying to make his move on you slowly but carefully.

This is where you could be headed for a fall by him.

Maintain distance!!!!!!