My son suffers with depression and is now a alcoholic and drug user (pill popping and smokes weed). He puts his self in life threatening situations and often talks about suicidal. We called the emergency unit on him once and they took him in, but they let him go the same night. Everyday when he goes out, I worry about him because he will drink until he is drunk. He can sometimes be violent to the point where he picks fights. thank GOD, a lot of times people will excuse him from being drunk and leave him alone.

I'm up writing for help at 4 AM because yesterday he decided to go to the city. He said he was bored and wanted to see his cousin. I warned him about drinking and begged him not to drink because NYC is a fast - pace environment where you have to be alert about your surroundings or else you can get into serious problems. He called me at 2 AM, filthy drunk, and said that he is lost. I'm scared out of my mind right now because he wasn't listening to directions to get home. I could hear people trying to give him directions too, but they know he is drunk and lord knows what kind of situation he is putting his self into at 2 AM in the morning on a subway...I tried to call him back, but he is not answering his phone. I don't know what to do and just praying to GOD that he gets home safe or maybe a police officer will pick him up from being drunk and take him to the station to sleep it off.

How can I help my son get help? He's in denial with his drinking problem, confused about life, and has a closed mind. He isn't a bad person and is pretty shy when sober. He told me once, that he drinks because it makes him feel sociable. I think his behavior is suicidal, but as long as he doesn't admit to it, he will not get the help he needs.

I need to know how to deal with this and where to get help for him. Please help.


2373 days ago

I hope your son got home safely.

It sounds like he is self medicating with the booze, pills and pot.

He needs to be in rehab and then put onto correct medication.

Most large hospitals have psychiatric care wings, where they can help with withdrawal or there are numerous private facilities, if you can afford that.

You did not mention his age, if a minor then you can insist he goes into rehab...if an adult, he would need to consent. Hopefully this last experience will have helped him to realize his life is out of control and that he needs professional help.

I hope he made it home ok

2373 days ago
I also hope your son made it home safely. Since your son is 24 he would need to consent to a treatment program. Does he have a job or going to school? Explain to him, he's self medicating to alter his behavior. He also needs to respect some rules, if he's living in your house and not engage in erratic illegal behavior - smoking weed. Is there a family member who he respects, who could talk to him?

2373 days ago
ah thanks Bella...I see now his age is in the title of the post....

The only way he could be taken into rehab and treatment without consent is if you could prove he is a danger to himself, which should be a last resort, but if he truly is, then may be necessary to save his life. The laws differ from state to state as far as I know.

I do hope you will soon post to let us know he made it home ok