I have been with my husband for almost 7 years. We both have Bipolar he has bipolar 1 and I have bipolar 2. I knew getting into this relationship it would be work but I married him anyways. We fought a lot and while later I was pregnant with my first child, my husband ended up having an affair with a girl from work. I finally found out and I was devastated. We did end up staying together and ever since then I have been trying to get over this problem of his. He is always mad at me and always yelling at me.We had a second child and she is completely attached to him and he is with her too.He left and doesn't seem to care that he left the kids said that he wasn't going to listen to me about the kids right now. He doesn't and won't express his feelings with me and I have been there for him for all these years. I have been very insecure and jealous from what he did to the past and cheating with his employee. I have not gotten over how bad he broke my heart and have not been able to trust him. I am very jealous and I always accuse him of cheating. I know I have insecurities from this and I try my best but he doesn't give me a reason to trust him. He lies to me constantly, even if it something little he will hide it from me so I won't know. Never understood why he did that. So it's really hard to trust when your lied to for so long.
My husband has not been taking his medicine for a while, I have always had to feed it to him or he just won't take them. Well he came home one day and we argued about something really little and he blew up and said he was moving out, which is really weird cause he never moves out for a long time, he might leaves for a couple of hours or over night but not for weeks now. He even took his stuff with him.I don't know if I need to leave him alone and let him have space or call him cause he needs help and I know he does, he just doesn't realize he does. Please Help me figure out what to do.


2069 days ago

it is really hard to advise on this as you both have complex mental health issues and that does impact how you react to each other. With him not taking his meds, things are even more complicated.

I think for now you should just leave him alone and see how things progress...give him time to cool off. After that, if there is any hope for your marriage, I think the two of you should go together to marriage counseling, with someone who also understands bipolar...a regular relationship counselor may not be the best choice.

I hope things will work out