I Lost a good friend a few days ago, and i haven't had the opportunity to grieve. i didn't tell my parents because i didn't want to make them worried...I never even got a chance to see the burial.. The way he left...... Awful..... He took his life and i can't help but think i should have known.... should have been able to stop it....... I am 17 and a high school girl. I have had thoughts of following in his steps... How do i keep those thoughts at bay?!?


2316 days ago
Hi stormcloud - I'm very sorry you lost your friend by suicide. I think you should tell your parents. Usually when a student dies, they have grief counseling available - if they do you should speak to them. I lost my brother to suicide and I understand the shock and inner questioning of wondering if we could have made a difference - they're all normal feelings.

There's no sense in blaming yourself because it won't bring the person back. Often when a person's determined to do this, there isn't much anyone can do because they're so secretive. One thing I think would help is, having more discussion and education about this problem. I have an almost 14 yr old and she tells me how some kids are having emotional struggles and saying stuff like "they wish they could die". There's also a great deal of bullying that depresses young people. I think all schools should open up this subject and offer mental health counseling.

It will take time to grieve and I want you to remember suicide is never the solution - its a terrible waste of life. Talk to your parents and speak to your guidance counselor. You can see the pain suicide leaves behind, so reach out for help. It will get better in time and I hope you will learn from this how not to take this road.

2315 days ago
Hi Stormcloud,

Everyone is different and you seem to have what it takes to really see the difference. Your friend was not strong, but you seem to have what he didn't, strength to know the difference. Your parents aren't going to blame you for being sad about your friend, they will probably more help than you realize. You need to go on and prove to everyone that you are not like your friend. Believe in yourself you have a wonderful life to look forward after you graduate. You can make your life what ever you want it to be by just believing in yourself. There is nothing wrong with grieving it is natural, but you can come to this site to talk if you like. It is a great release when you talk to someone.