i am muslim girl.i should be virgin when i marry.i feel disgusting about masturbation.but i can't stop myself.media and movies influence me.i want to make sex.but i can't and i don't want to masturbate.what should i do, i tryed to stop but i can't and i can't tell about it anybody.so what should i do?


3474 days ago
Masturbation is not something bad. its as natural as eating. everyone likes it, and most everyone enjoys doing it. its very understandable that you would feel bad about doing this, coming from a very conservative religion. you shouldnt worry about not talking to someone. maybe you could speak to your mother, and see what advise she can give you. its very possible that she has gone through the same thing at one time in her life.

3469 days ago
I agree. Masturbation is not necessarily bad. I can understand your culture and religion not necessarily agreeing with it.

Is there things you can do to help get your mind off of it, such as going to sleep, a hot bath, etc?

I also agree that you could talk to your Mom, but then again, she may be hesitant to talk to you about it because she has went through the same dilemma?