I grew up with a mother and a father who always provided for me and my sibling's. Anything i wanted i always got i guess u can say i was spoiled. One thing that i never had from them was love, my family never showed any affection we never say that we loved each other. My Mother was a very private person never really showed her emotions unless she was mad, but other then that you would think that she's a very strong women. My father was a hard working man but he cheated on my mother for yrs, as i grew older and wanted to go to experience things like other teens would like hanging out with friends sleepover and such but i couldn't. My father selterd me and never let me go anywhere. I was always in the house, my friend would often ask why i couldnt come over her house or spend the night or just go to a park. To him i was always doing something i wasn't supposed to. My older sister got pregnate at 17 an she was also treated the same way. It sucks because i feel like ive missed out on alot of things and life experices. I am 20 now and it feels like i am just now experiencing life. Ive never had a boyfrind part of it is my own insercurites because i feel like i wouldnt know how to love someone because no one ever showed me love i've never felt love from my family, so how can i love someone if i've never felt loved?


3400 days ago
I feel a bit like Polonius but you are right. You are just experiencing life at 20. Assuming your are living on your own, your dick of a father can't control you anymore. Maybe he had a hard time growing up and he is actually doing the best he can (or maybe he's not). I can say from experience (I'm a ripe 31) that your next 10 years, as long as you save money, mean nothing except what you want it to mean. Make some plans for your love life and execute them. There is no downside.

3396 days ago
You basically have to start drawing a line in the sand and decide that you have to start living again. Do things you want to do (within reason) and learn to live.