how can i make my life better?
i mean alot of people have social lifes and go out with friends and have a good time with their parents.... but i just cant
im mostly trapped at home because my moms over protective
iu cant talk to her without arguirng
she gets mad easily
its hard to even ask for advice without me ending introuble
friends well i have a hard time keeping them,,,,, its hard because..... well i really dont know why but its just when i do get close i end up being pushed away or getting backstabed
and when i think im doing the right thing i end up messing up
and i usually forgive people easily because i have abandonment issues
its mostly because my lifes a big wreck
i had a nana because my mom was mostly busy and my i lived with my nana and her children
after a while we all moved in together but i nevr was close to my mom
so nana was my mom
after 10 years she leaves..... last time i saw her was when she told me goodnight and kissed me.... then in the morning i was lost
so was my mom
i dnt think i forgave her.....
ha... wow im a big wreck...
and i have tourble falling asleep without thinkn bout bad thngz...

P.s. im very sentimental
i know huh


2998 days ago
Would you mind sharing your age? Did you ask your mom where your Nana went? I think you need someone to talk to - can you speak with a school counselor?

2997 days ago
haha yeah my age im not sayn

nd no i hav no idea wer my nana went nd neithr does my mom

we bth cried bcuz she wuz lyk family... i thnk bout her evry day

i mite be able to tlk to a councler but idk.....

usually i dnt trust well

2990 days ago how old r u now?

For me, when I was a gal. I hv had problems with my mom also. I always was hit by her.

This get better when I cried in front of mirror. I kept asking "Why was I born in this family?"

Then I've just heard this ques in head "If i already born, WHAT can I do now to make my life better?"

Maybe u try asking this question to urself.

U hv friends.

Love You