My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost 3 months on April 13, and there have been many issues going on in our relationship so far. I love my boyfriend with all my heart and i would do anything for him. He is different from the rest of the guys because he proves to me that he loves,cares, and trusts me. he writes me poetry and he loves to be around me. however, many people have been coming up to me and telling me that he has something else going on with one of my friends, chryselin. They tell me that he be hugging her alot and that they sometimes sit very close to eachother in science lab during school. They also tell me that she be putting her head on his shoulder and always looking at him. Supposedly, they both used to like eachother and she still thinks he is cut because she said it. She has a boyfriend that goes to a different school and she has been with him almost 4 months now. I mean, shes a good friend of mine and she repects my relationship with my boyfriend. And i trust my boyfriend with all my heart and i know hes not like what they describe. He is such a faithful guy and i dont believe what others tell me. But when i asked him if this was true and if he had feelings for some other girl, he said "no, i only love you and you only." but i asked him if he was sure, and he got mad at me because he thought i was believing my friends and not him. he thinks that i dont trust him anymore and that i'm doubting his love for me. But that's not true. I do trust him. I jut asked him that question because i just wanted to make sure they were wrong just to get it over with. But, we both dont wanna lose eachother, and now im scared about whats going to happen between us now. The girl, chryselyn, is not even talking to me, because she thinks im doubting our friendship. I know she wouldnt do that to me. But, now I gotta get my boyfriend to believe me when i tell him that i trust him and love him. How can i get him to believe me and how can i fix this problem without causing drama? he trusts me and loves me because he shows it. Everybody thinks we make a great couple, but HELP!


2949 days ago
I think you have the right to ask your BF and friend these questions, without them getting mad at you. If she had her head on his shoulder - this isn't appropriate. If she's your friend, she shouldn't be looking for comfort from your BF. The only problem is - what if those people who told you this, are lying. So yes it's okay to ask these question and you shouldn't have to apologize and they should have clear boundaries if they have been too close. Once you've established this - then let it go and trust him.

2948 days ago
You shouldn't have to prove that you trust anyone. Others earn your trust. It is up to them to prove that they are trustworthy. You have nothing to prove.