How do I stop wanting sex and a relationship? I have trouble with girls and what's worse is if any other guys are around, the girls want them. It seems like no matter what I do, I'm not what women want. I have friends telling me that they think I can get someone, but the last girl I tried asking out is texting my roomate. Its true I don't get out much but around here, there isn't much to do. Right now I just feel like removing the want of sex and relationships is the only thing for me. I don't see any other way.


2182 days ago
Hi - since this seems to be an ongoing challenge for you, I suggest asking a real good friend or wise family member....and ask them to be honest, what they think is the barrier in you attracting females. I know looks shouldn't be the main focus, but it does play a big factor - since I can't see's your overall appearance? Next to work on is, your personality and ask that one person for their opinion on this too - for example, do you appear nervous or are you too quiet or do you appear too serious etc. Are you able to be good friends with women - if you are, then at least we know its not your personality. How's your sense of humor and politeness? Most people love a great sense of humor.

I don't suggest giving u,p because that might make you feel bitter and frustrated. If you look at the varied couples out there, they're not all 10's on the scale and I believe there's a partner out there for you. Another thing that happens a lot is some aim 'too high' - they see the super attractive person but they're not attracted to them. In addition, some people get boxed into picking the same type - think outside what you're typically attracted too. Also consider some average looking women too. Try what I mentioned and be willing to fine tune your appearance and how you come across personality wise, with the 1st impression. Best of luck and let me know when you do find a nice woman.

2181 days ago
They tell me to be patient. Everyone says that there is nothing wrong or that I try too hard. A few of my friends tell me to find a girl and make it memorable so she will tell all of her friends. All I know is I sleep like I want someone next to me and feel alone alot. I keep to my room when I'm home because I don't interact well with the family I was born into, at least not for very long. I'm a negative thinker or rather I can think of every possible outcome within minutes of deciding to do something. I've been told that I scare people with what I know and how much I know.

2180 days ago
My answer probably isn't going to help, especially since I'm female, but I figured it might be good to know you're not alone. I'm 32, female and I live in NYC. I'm attractive, or so I'm told anyway, but I look like I'm 21. That should be a good thing, but I only seem to attract guys in their early 20s, and even then it's not the kind of thing were they're looking for a relationship. I've been in only one relationship in my entire life and I sadly wasn't in love with the guy. As of three years ago I had a boyfriend for a couple of months, but that ended and ever since then it's been the occasional fling. Guys like me as a friend, but never as a girlfriend. If I'm physically attractive yet apparently repulsive to the opposite sex, I must just conclude that something is wrong with me or I'm missing some important part of being human. I'm just never what men want, but there's always some other woman nearby who is.

So I've asked myself the same question - can I just remove myself from that thinking and accept being alone? But then I see couples, or my friends' relationships and marriages, and I get sad. Not really sure what to do anymore.

2178 days ago
Yea it's harder with both sisters engaged and my brother married. I just think it'll be better for me to move on and forget love is real. Not everyone finds who they are meant to be with even if they lived forever.

2000 days ago
this answer is probably late but i found myself asking the same thing. ive attempted to forget about sex and love by using autosuggestion. thats when i replace an original thought with goal or a positive affirmation. it works with alot of persistence. so u have to do it alot. even when u arent having thoughts about sex or love. let me tell u, its no easy task. im hardwired for a fuck and some good loving, which is why i find myself struggling with it.

i wanted to give you an answer to your question, but im with the other guys when they say u shouldnt give up. i dont mean to play two sides of the field however theres two sides to every story. i find it unhealthy when u say u dont match up. i may attempt to forget about love and sex but thats only because my goals are more important to me and i want to focus on that more than anything.

i will say that i understand though. like how your girl was texting your roomie, my girl at the time appeared to be flirting with a friend of mine. i confronted her, she denied

2000 days ago
It. I knew it was probably bs but after hunting for one night stands and finally having a girl to fuck whenever I wanted, I let it slide. There's a couple lessons to that but one is very simple, no one is perfect, even if she was flirting my friend, he was a pretty handsome dude, and was dressed pretty sharp at the time, while I was in sweat pants. so I figured I'd dress a bit better u know. It's just how It is. Just like she may have been into my friend, her mom and sister were dead gorgeous and sexy u know, and i may have been imagining things but her sister was always eyeing me and mom always bending over for me to see.

Another point is that all is fair in love and war. U gotta roll with the punches. Don't sweat the small stuff like yor girl communicating with other people. If u think she's after someone else brace yourself for it u kno. U may or may not be wrong, but always keep your emotions in check. Just do your best to have fun. And people may not admit it but that can be hard when your down about yourself. Just do your best kiddo. Im rooting for ya.