We have been together 3 years. I am always asking for sex. I get it maybe 1-2 times a month. If I ask after work, he waits until we are in bed, very predictable. He then will start a bit of foreplay. Then he seems to wait tooo long before continuing. I need momentum to remain and get further aroused. He acts lost, I tell him what I need. He then will do it one time, then nothing. He then seems to forget everything I have praised him about and won't do them on subsequent sexual encounters. I tell me I need to be mentally/emotionally aroused....I tell him EXACTLY what I need he to say and do.......I even try to walk around naked.......He won't try to have sex with me then either. He's always too tired, hot, hungry...etc., to have sex. Every other man I have been with, all I had to do was ask for sex, grab his dick or walk by him naked to have sex!! I am lost.


3364 days ago
tell him you wanna play.

he should like that.

take his hand... and put it where you want it.

show move his hand the way you like it.

he will like sex more if your enjoying yourself too.

Yep.. you got it... communication works in the bedroom too.

tell him some of your fantasies... let him share some of his.

if he tries to "get to it" little faster than you want... say "ah ah ah... not yet... momma wants to play some"

then play... should drive him crazy...

another suggestion:

get lotions or toys if neither object... see if he's game. spice things up some... do a dance... seduce him.

3363 days ago
Communicate with him. It seems like all he is worried about meeting is his needs. Explain with him how you really want to continue the sex and not just for you, but for both of you.