From my other questions most of you know about my "boyfrriend" who i thought was bipolar for a while... its all good between us now and he often tells me he loves me and could never find anyone else... im not sure what to think because he seems so into me but im not sure if i love him. i know i feel something very strong for him but im not sure if i know what love feels like... im also not sure if you can love someone in highschool... im kinda confused so when he asks me if i love him i say im noy sure and this really upsets him but he trys not to show it... What should i do?


3329 days ago
Hi Lovestruck,

I think you've ask one of the toughest questions known to mankind, LOL. I also think your question shows incredible maturity considering your age and that's great. I'm a Mom of 2 girls 7 & 11yrs. When I think back to how I thought when I was your age, it's so different now.

I think if everyone knew what real love was, then we wouldn't have such a high divorce rate. I think when people first meet and they talk about the fireworks, I really think it's all biological at that point. But those intense feelings may fade somewhat and that's when you can truly tell if a couple has longterm compatibility.

I think it's okay to tell him that you consider the whole LOVE statement to be very meaningful and that your apprehension to say it shouldn't make him feel bad. I also think relationships are hard especially when you're both so young. But that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy each other. Don't forget though that school and your future is the most important thing right now. That's one mistake I made when I was young. Make sure you get a career where you can support yourself if ever love does go wrong for you. Always remember to practice safe sex as well. I hope I have helped in some way , you sound like a great girl. Be strong and take care.

3328 days ago
thanks for this answer... it was rele helpful and thanks for ur concern... its so true about the "fireworks" in the beggining... its a VERY strong feeling which is hard not to get caught up in... ill just have to stick it out to see if we "like" eachother enough to get past just that part... Thanks again! bye!

3329 days ago
Yeah, just tell him what you told us. Tell him you feel really strong but you don't know what love is. Maybe you can find out what he's feeling and try and compare your feelings to his to show him how much you care, and also to get a good discussion going. It's a great question. If he keeps nagging at you, tell him that it's not that you don't have the underlying feelings, you just don't know what to call them, and that it doesn't reflect your commitment or interest in the relationship.

3327 days ago
Yeah, fireworks at first, helping in the middle, comfortable always :)