My 25 year old son is severely bipolar. He has no job or insurance. We need financial help with his condition. I heard that you can get SSI for this. Any suggestions?


3352 days ago
I dont know about that, but you need to talk to his doctor about that for sure to find out.



3337 days ago

I applied for SSI,for bipolar II,etc,back in Sept.'08.

Hired a SocSec benefits specialist and we filed online,with Soc Sec,and he accompanied me to the Soc Sec office,and by

Dec,I was notified that I was going to receive monies,backpayment,from October until Dec.Some people receive back payments much further back than that.

I had only been diagnosed in Sept.I had to take all the psych drs evaluations,and meds in for the first SS appointment.Then,they sent me to their psych dr,as well as a md.

It helps to have saved all your son's medical/psych evaluations paperwork.

Since he's been diagnosed,am hoping he's on meds?

If so,make a list of all those,to have handy,as you can also

call Soc Sec and have an interviewer help you over the phone.

It is so much easier having a benefits specialist,though.

I had previously applied for SSI,several years ago,on my own...but was denied.

It's mainly knowing what the Soc Sec people are looking for,

they like all the i's dotted and t's crossed.

My benefits specialist took me to all the appointments,as I did not have transportation.. and I did pay him 1/4 of the back payments,as agreed,when the money finally came in.

Good luck!

3277 days ago
If your son sees a psychiatrist and psychologist who will write in support of him going on SSI then his chances are good. Other things are an established history of BP and attempts to work that didn't work out.