I have been diagnosed with depression. My phychiatrist says that I should take an anti depressant. I think that taking medication for depression is very dumb. Medication does not solve depression it just masks it. My friend was on anti depressants and when she didn't take them her depression came back.I will not take anti depressants because I want to get rid of my depression not mask it. What are other ways to get rid of my depression?


2830 days ago

Some things that can help alleviate depression symptoms are: exercise, proper nutrician/sleep/self care, meditation, acupuncture, volunteering etc. Some studies show a hypoglycemic diet can be helpful in treating depression. I am not sure if it is proven, but it may be worth a shot, it does take a while though somewhere around six months or longer.

Therapy is a type of treatment for depression either individually or couples/group counseling. You may want to try that. It may help to get to the root of the depression.

A note about anti-depressents. Sometimes depression is a chemical embalance. Similar to taking blood pressure medication, while taking it, the high blood pressure is controlled, once stopped, the high blood pressure comes back. The medication is helping the blood pressure not just masking it, but if you do not want to pursue medication as an option you may want to try some of the above suggestions.

All my best. Junie

2830 days ago
Hi WolfQween,

medications have come a long way and not all medications mask the symptoms. Some medications help to balance and raise the levels of brain chemicals to a normal level. It's fine if you want to try your best to use self help methods first but I also suggest using therapy as well.

One of the best things you can do is exercise regularly and eating healthy. Learning some form of relaxation like yoga or meditation is also good. You can also try natural herbs: Studies report that St. John's wort, an herb, and SAM-e, a synthetic form of a chemical that occurs naturally in the body, are effective in managing depression. Consult your doctor before taking these dietary supplements because they can have adverse interactions with some medications.

I also heard good things about therapeutic massage - that it releases endorphins and helps balance serotonin. Acupuncture is also another alternative treatment you can try. If you can't beat this on your own - you may have to try medication. Explain to your doctor about your apprehensions and that you want to try one, that's least likely to give you that numbing feeling.

2830 days ago
Another word about medication. When the chemicals in your body are in balance, and that cloud of depression isn't quite as dark, you're able to concentrate a little more on helping yourself. When I get into such a state that I can't concentrate, I can't think, it's really hard to do the things that I know will make me better..... ie, exercise, healthy eating, getting out into the sunshine.

Also, here's another thought. Try journaling. I find that if I write things down, just random thoughts, it makes me feel better. Sometimes I just rant, and you can barely read what I've written, and if you could, it probably wouldn't make much sense to anyone but me. But getting it all out of my head really makes a difference.

I hope you feel better soon whichever what you decide to go.

Big Hugs,


2829 days ago
Dear WolfQueen, I too had depression for many years, and could not tolerate psych meds. I found a technology that I was told could actually "cure" (bring and end to) depression, so I tried it. I am happy to say that I have experienced as substantial reduction of symptoms in the past 4 1/2 yrs that I have been using CenterPoint Auditory Technology (see www.CenterPointe Research Institude.com). It's not that expensive, about $50/month on average, and you must be able to devote an hour a day to listening to CD's with stereo earphones. You can meditate while you listen. It is NOT subliminal suggestions, but an actual brain altering therapy, and completely safe. I hope if you try it, or have more questions you will feel free to message me. Best Wishes,, Gus

2827 days ago
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been shown to help depression. Find a therapist or start by reading about it online. You can also buy a book from your local bookstore.