I have a hard time when I have to turn a guy down. I feel guilty when I do. Realistically I know I don't owe them anything but I still feel bad. Part of the reason it's hard for me is because I want to be liked and I'm afraid if I reject a guy that he won't like me. I wonder if anyone has suggestions about how to gracefully turn someone down?


3459 days ago
My opinion is to always start by thanking him. Let him know that it's not that he's defective in any way, you just don't feel a click. "Jim, thank you for asking me; I just really don't see us as going out. But thank you for thinking enough of me to ask me out. I appreciate it."

3459 days ago
Give him the ole' "It's not me, it's you."


3458 days ago
Why don't you tell the guy honestly that you don't think he's compatible enough with you to warrant any sort of romantic attention. Encourage him to find a girl that is right for him, for that would make him more happy than you ever could.

3458 days ago
I have the same problem sometimes. Maybe do as cantstopcrying said and thank him and maybe even apologize. something like "Hey, im sorry.youre a really good friend and thank you for that. But idk if i want to be in a relationship right now"

3457 days ago
Well, it is a good thing that you do feel a bit bad, because it shows you have a heart, and that is a good, kind thing of you to feel that way.

Who would want to be with someone who would not care if they broke someones heart?

Of course, you just have to do it by telling them how you feel, that things will not work for you at that time, and thanks for thinking enough of me to like me.



3441 days ago
Im a guy, and i don't know how to nicely turn a guy down. (I'm straight)

But I assure you at least in my case, If a guy is turned down he will feel sad, but he will not dislike you. He probably will still like you- ether he will try to win your heart, or he will look for someone right for him.