Hi, I am in my early 40's and lately I have just been riddled with anxiety and worry. I am constantly worried that I will say/do something that will hurt and anger people. I am worried about losing my job and home with this awful economy. I am worried about being a pain in the butt or annoying. I am afraid that people don't like me, even though I have lots of friends. I am worried my husband won't love me anymore. I cannot stop obsessing about things I said or did. When I drive, I am terrified of getting in an accident. What is wrong with me?


3399 days ago
Why are you worried?

That is the best way to start this answer. Find out why you are worried.

If you feel (and you say you are) constantly obsessing and worrying, I would discuss this with my doctor or therapist, to see what they think.



3387 days ago
A lot of what you're feeling is so similar to me. I took Celexa before and that helped. I went from worrying and over thinking the possibilities (for example riding on a motorcycle i would imagine falling off the back and being drug by the car for miles). After taking it I noticed that I could enjoy the motorcycle ride and even enjoy a bluer sky. The problem is that when i missed a dose or 2 I would be a total mess. Hopefully that will help you.