I am a new mom to be, I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and i have schizoaffective disorder, I was diagnosed when i was 12 years old. Growing up my mother always could tell there was something wrong with me mentaly. but doctors ignored her becasue i was so young. My mother's sister is diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. She has a 12 year old son and a 31 year old daughter whom both my parents raised. my parents currently have legal custody of the 12 year old Dillon. Who is a 6th grader and shows no signs of schizophrenia. Before i was diagnosed at 12 i was in crisis units almost on a weekly bases. I just didn't feel safe at home. But when i was diagonsed my physiatrist tried a bunch of differnt medications and finally got the right ones and doses of medication and i have been on that same does of the same medciation sence i was 12. But when i found out i was pregnant i was taken off that medication becasue it would cause serious harm on the baby, the baby could either die or if i did give birth the baby would have a arm growing out of his/her head. so my physiatrist put me on 50 mg of zoloft and it has been working just fine. But what i am wondering is i am due November 21,2009. and the baby's father has no mental disorders or health problems that would worry me or him. I am wondering if my son could possibly inherit schizoaffective disorder? Because i know how painful it is watching somebody you love going in and out of crisis units and seeing them going into a episode knowing that you can't help them. Please help me i'm very worried about my soon to be son. Thank you


3141 days ago
Since we're not doctors or therapists I'm really not familiar what the statistics are in relation to your son having it. I watched a show on schizophrenia once and it actually showed on a brain scan, there are clear differances in the brains of people with this illness. This makes me wonder it one day they might be able to find a cure. At least by the time your son enters his teenage years, hopefully there will be even more advances in the treatment options.

The best person to ask is your obstretician. He may never develope it, so I don't think you should worry about it, since stress isn't good for your baby or you. Just take care of yourself and I wish you the best of luck in having a beautiful healthy baby boy. Hugs, Bella.

3141 days ago
I agree with Bella that the best thing you can do for your baby and yourself is to try not to worry. Just try to stay focused on the wonder of the life growing inside you and stay as healthy as you can physically and emotionally. That is the very best environment for your baby

There is growing evidence that optimum nutrition and avoidance of toxins, chemicals etc both in the womb and in early life can often be neuro-protective.

At least you know more about your own disorder and should the need ever arise, you would be able to be very proactive in getting early and correct treatment for your child.

I hope you will be able to relax and have a happy pregnancy and much joy in motherhood :-)

3141 days ago

Good point Chemar

That reminds me -you may already be taking prenatal vitamins but if you're not please start taking them. GL :)

3123 days ago
It definitely is possible, however; I would recommend discussing this with your family doctor, and as the ladies said, be sure to take prenatal vitamins, and try to relax.

You are bringing a beautiful child into this world! It is SO awesome to be you!



3107 days ago
I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem. I too have Schizoaffective Disorder and am pregnant, though I am only 5 weeks. One thought my husband and I share is that even if your child does develop the condition, be assured in knowing that he/she will have the most understanding mother possible and that you would be more likely to notice symptoms for what they are and seek the appropriate help. Unfortunately, my own mother never believed that I am sick; she's convinced I'm making it all up for attention, even though I am on SSD and have taken many meds and been hospitalized several times. This is so much a problem that I haven't spoken to her in years and have no intention of ever letting her get to know my child. You might not realize, but having the condition yourself could be very beneficial to your child if they have it too. Just know that you're not alone. Also, I noticed a comment someone made about taking a fish oil supplement, but I have discovered that might not be the best idea, since it could contain mercury, which is harmful to an unborn baby. Just try to stay positive and focus on doing the best you can for your baby. And remember, if they do end up getting it, at least they'll have the most understanding mom possible. In my experience, that makes a world of difference. Best wishes, D :)