Since the early age of 18months I have believed my daughter now 4 has been being molested by her father. She has told me that daddy hurt her pee-pee, and that her daddy likes to play doctor in the basement but she doesnt like it and wants me to tell him to stop(which I did), also lately she has been coming home with destin on her panties. I have asked her why, and she answers with daddy says I have to have it on, and that he puts it on her.. Her father sleeps in her room at night(on the floor).. I have taken her to a skrink and she told me that she met with her father and think that he is a good father, and doesnt believe anything is going on. Now, this is after one visit.. She told me she would not continue to see her unless her dad was present. This to me didnt seem right.. I have dealt with CPS and they told me I was lying. I have dealt with the police, She has been to the abuse center where they found dark fibers up inside of her, but did nothing to look into this.. She does not like going with her father, she was having my oldest daughter go with her for comfort, but he now put a end to it.. Does anyone have any answers..


3396 days ago
If I really believed it to be true that my husband was doing such a thing, I would figure out a way to leave him in order to protect my daughter. Especially if I had confronted him about it and he has denied it and continues to molest her.

2631 days ago
My heart goes out to you. My daughter was molested and told me the most disturbing things around the age of 3 1/2 I did everything I was supposed to contacted the police, CPS, they did an evaluation and even though my daughter told them her "daddy always touches her cooter" and that "he stuck his finger in her up to her eyeballs" they said there was no forensic evidence. They also said that the child never indicated that I had coached her in anyway yet as soon as I filed charges on him he filed for custody and since he had money and family that are lawyers, judges and district attorney, he outmonied me for 2 years while the jodge put in Limine (hide) everything from the jury that looked bad on him such as beating his pregnant wife, 3 DWI's and other non imperative information as the judge felt it was prejudicial towards him. He also refused to take a polygraph. So in the end after I lost EVERYTHING I had and my parents mortgaged their house...I also lost custody of my child to the man who fingered her because he is more financially stable and as CPS summed it up "sometimes children get confused" If I had it all to do over I would have MURDERED him- now it would just be premediatated and his sick damn family would have my daughter while I rotted in prison. However if there ever is a next time she tells me he has touched her I wont contact CPS or the police. Justice is what you can pay for and who you know. CPS is a joke! And no I have never been in jail or some cracked out scum. I had a great job at the time it all happened and lost everything. But worst my precious daughter to this sick PREDATOR called "daddy"

3395 days ago
I agree with claudia. Your daughter has given you many signs that something is wrong. I am confused about the "shrinks" response. Does this person specialize in children's issues? If not, find one that does.

In my experience if someone with the information you provided contacts CPS and makes a report they would investigate hands down. If CPS told you you were lying then I would also question why would they think that? They often take sexual abuse allegations very seriously.

Regardless of who is doing what or lying about what- this will negatively effect your daughter's emotional, mental and physical health.

3395 days ago

I understand what you are going through.

My daughter is 6 yrs old and when my ex girlfriend left me in 2007 she got married 4 months later and the man she married has been molesting my daughter for over a year now.

But NO ONE in THE LEGAL SYSTEM will HELP me. Please write me at [email protected] I would really like to ttalk to you.

3392 days ago
I agree with Claudia. If you feel it to be true, you have to find a legal way to make it stop.

Call the cops and keep bugging the CPS until something happens.



3241 days ago
I too have begun to go through the same thing. I believe my son is being molested by his father. We are divorced and he is granted monthly visits. This summer he is required to go see his dad for a month. My son is three years old and has told me that his daddy puts his mouth on his privates. He also told me that his dad wanted him to touch his privates. My son said he told his dad that he didn't want to and that he punched his dad in his penis. But then said that later he touched his dad and his dad touched him at the same time. I am grosley disgusted and am adament to try to get this to stop. I have called social services to report my ex-husband and they told me that I am lying because of previous reports by my ex & his previous ex-wife made against me. CPS said that I am unpleasant to deal with and that I am not very credible. My son ofcourse would not tell the man who came to question him what happened and they tried telling me that this just affirms that I am lying. I know this is happening and am having an extremely difficult time finding a professional that is willing to do a mental evaluation on my son. I am frustrated and do not know what to do. I don't understand how social services can come in for ten minutes, do their investigation, and then make a concrete decision that I am lying. I have tried contacting an attorney to bring social services up on discrimination charges for discounting my report because they believe I am not credible due to past reports my ex-husband and his ex-wife made but there isn't an attorney that believes that I have a case. I asked the CPS agent why they don't do a psychological investigation of the child in these situations, but he just snapped that they don't do that and that is not how they operate. It seems a great misfortune for all children that are social service system is a joke and do not conduct more thorough investigations. I do daycare and the agent showed up during daycare hours and questioned my son when there were several children playing within ear shot. I don't see how this can be considered valid. I am appauled and shocked. I completely fell apart when the social service agent was questioning me. He started accusing me of being mentally unstable, of doing drugs, and of being spiteful towards my ex-husband. He said that social services assumes we must have had a fight about something and that I was just trying to get back at him. He threatened to charge me with neglect of my son, because of previous allegations that were made against me,even though there is nothing that indicated this was true in their previous investigations against me. I have never before made any claims against my ex-husband until now and am just floored that they had this decision made before they even arrived at my house to do their investigation.

3057 days ago
Dear sunshine32

Children that small do not lie about things like that. If you do not get results from your shrink, take her to another one. Do not give up. This little live is in your hands for protection. Personally, if something like this happened to one of my girls ( I have three) i would probably kill the bastard.

3051 days ago
I am truly sorry that you are having to go through this. You can file an sexual abuse injunction on behalf of your son. The chances of getting it denied are slim. This will keep him away from your son temporarily or permanently. Take your son to the pediatrician and explain the allegations. The pediatrician is bound to call child protective services and escalate initiate an investigation.

2657 days ago
I am going through the same situation right now. Any information on what has happened since you posted this would help me greatly. My ex is also claiming he is applying desitin because she is red. My daughter is 4. She was seen by a therapist who said that she is being molested. Based on a letter from the therapist I was able to get a judge to stop visitation. DYFS was called and our caseworker was a VERY young, VERY inexperienced woman. My ex is VERY charming. Apparently she bought his act of a concerned parent even though he admitted he has been applying the cream consistantly over a years time during every visit. There is no indication of redness during any other time. DYFS has closed the case saying that the claim of abuse was unfounded. We have court again in 2 weeks but I am told that the judge will most likely honor whatever the DYFS worker said and disregard the report from the therapist. I am sick over this! I have obtained a lawyer but am looking for someone who has fought the same fight to figure out the best way to proceed. Any information would be greatly appreciated. We live in the portland area.

2626 days ago
Having been through this horrific nightmare myself, and come out the other side, I offer this advice:

Pray and do not stop. I mean really pray and commit yourself to God and your child and doing the right thing. Do not give up. Exhaust every effort. Be tenacious. In one CPS worker, therapist, evaluator, judge etc disregards your daughters pleas for help, fire them and get another one. You can recuse one judge. Make it good. File a lawsuit for Human Rights Violation. Do not weaken. If you must, change your name, leave the state and hide until your daughter is old enough to be believable. Plan this out carefully and do not get caught. This is your last resort. Try everything else first. Be courageous. Be strong. Be agressively NICE. Corgially FIRM in the courts. Get them on your side by your genuine kindness and concern for your child. Be authentic. Elicit the help from those you perceive as having a heart - because some people still do. Do not take the word from one therapist! Money DOES NOT always win! Only if you think it and back down! You may go to hell for awhile, but I believe in the end, you will prevail. DO NOT GIVE UP! PROTECT YOUR CHILD AT ALL COSTS!!!!

2259 days ago
It is true. No one helps. Actually, the abusers win alot. The mothers come off as paranoid or under stress.ESPECIALLY during a divorce/custody hearing. My daughter is now in the full custody and control of her father.