I'm a 24 year old student and I have a hard time concentrating on ANYTHING. Not just school related but in life in general. I will try to read a chapter that is about 40 pages long. If I don't understand a specific paragraph I will not read the rest of the chapter. I just give up or lose interest. While reading I will often think of others things - (like what I saw on tv last night or what I'm going to do once Im done reading this) and I always forget everything that I've read and have to start all over. Its like I can say the words on the piece of paper but its not getting through to my head. I worry about EVERYTHING! Sometimes I can't even study for the test because I Fear Im going to fail it anyways so whats the purpose of studying? This is affecting me academically which is all that matter right now. Please advice what I should do. I've never had any mental issues and am generally healthy. I dont think its ADHD because I wake up every morning exhausted and am generally tired through out the day without doing anything


2979 days ago
Think about your thoughts as a beehive. Sometimes the bees are all resting or moving slowly and cooperatively. Other times, THEY'RE BUZZING AROUND ALL OVER THE PLACE IN ALL DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS BECAUSE THEY'RE A LITTLE AGITATED!!! Right now, you're leaning towards the second. It's normal for that to happen, and sometimes, when you see how disorganized everything is, you can get more agitated.

Your first order of business is not freaking out. This happens to people (and beehives) all the time. It comes, and it goes on its own.

Second, you can do things to help calm the beehive down. You can take a few minutes to collect yourself every morning before you start your day. Meditation is a really great tool, but if that's not your thing, just find a quiet place to eat your breakfast in peace.

Concentration will also help you calm the hive down. You build concentration by helping yourself focus and bringing your attention back to whatever it is you're doing, over and over. Don't get discouraged if you don't understand a certain paragraph--figure it out. When you're reading and your mind wanders, bring it back to the text, even if it takes a million times. You can also take notes on a scratch piece of paper to help you out.

And finally, when you start getting really worried, recognize again that it's the beehive being agitated and talk some sense to yourself. Are you going to fail? Not if you study. And the more you study and focus, the less chances you have of failing. Worrying doesn't help you, so again, refocus, refocus, refocus.

Keep practicing, make sure you get adequate sleep, and take a daily multivitamin. In a little while you'll start to notice that the hive has started to calm down.

Best of luck,


2979 days ago
How long have you felt like this? I think if the above suggestions don't help, then consult with your doctor and get screened for ADHD. Make sure you're getting enough sleep and keep yourself organized. Eat healthy and exercise regularly - it's well known exercise improves concentration. Keeping yourself organized will help with your mind worrying about other things. Practice mindfullness which is paying full attention to whatever task you're doing - if you feel your mind wandering, bring the focus back on track. You should also learn relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga - if your mind is relaxed you'll be able to focus. Best of luck.

been there
2971 days ago
Look into Candida yeast overgrowth. It can make mentaly focusing very hard. The other answers are great too.

2963 days ago
I feel very very similar ! but at the moment it even affects conversationas with peoplle and my whole life. I am trying to study for final exams of a degree and cant even concentrate on a magazine not to mind the study I have to do I used to be able to cram study but even that has gone out the window in recent years.

I have never taken medication for it until a few months ago when I asked a doctor if I could try ritalin and discussed the posibility of ADD with him. However they do nothing and I am afraid to use them as well.

I have discovered that my problems originate from an incident when I was young which kinda caused all this anger as wellas really affecting my concentration so that it made me do things slowly and have no concentration at school or work.I am trying o overcome it on my own but Im up the creek without a paddle! Im thinking of going back to a psychologist that I went to for a day and I think you should do something similar thay would give you and do you think that something caused it like me?

I wish there was someting I could do about it .

I am female and 27.

I would love to email you but I only joined and dont know how to.

You sound more than me as though you may have ADD I was advised on other sites that if you go to a psychologist they have a questionnaire that will help determine this and I think you should ask to try something like ritalin as I feel it may help you more that me this is just my opinion though.

2931 days ago
hey man i have the same problem still waiting for people to give more answer,i am in the same situation as you are i am in medical school and nothing needs more concetration in my life like siting down and studing,i though i had ADD too i went to a psycologist and he gave me ritalin,IT DID NOTHING to improve my condition,it just gave me a sense of euphoria,still hoping for people to give more good replies like the ones above

2823 days ago

I am taking a online PC repair course. They send you a book and at the end of each chapter you imput your answers online. But it's hard to sit down with it. It gets very very annoying to read the same paraghraph over and over because it just won't click in my head. Like someone is speaking but I can't hear them. It's the same actually with people too. I have ticked off many people because they think I am not listening. They will sit there and tell me something, I am looking right into the eyes trying to listen as hard as I can, but what they are saying just won't register and I end up having to ask them to repeat it. Most people just tell me I am not listening and storm off in anger but that's not how it is. I try not to take the meds when I can avoid it. I am on the Ritalin 10mg. Seems to do alright for me when I take it. Helps my mind not be so foggy. But there are times I can't take it even when I need it. I get high blood presure due to panic attacks caused by nightmares and flashbacks. So if the PTSD is really bad that day, my blood presure is too high to take the Ritalin so I have to do without it. It's just a mess. I do have to agree though, walking and such helps. Eatting fruits and veggies helps as well. And for appointments and reminders, I use this program I found called Cozi. It was originally designed for families to log their appointments so everyone knew what everyone else was doing. But I use it just fine with only me. I can see at a glance on my desktop what appointments I have for the day, and which ones are coming up in the next week. It even sends reminders to your e-mail in case you forget. It's really helped me keep on track. You can check it out by going to www.cozi.com. It also has a section too for journaling. I like it because it can be accessed from any computer with internet access. Aside from that, I also use those post it notes on everything...lol. I really hope any of this helps. Take care.


2359 days ago
I had joined this web site only to post this comment.(excuse my poor english -i am from Russia)

My problem is the same , i cant stop daydreaming.

But i think there is a way through wich you can take ..control,, over this mind process.

The key word is ,,control,, .This hapens becouse we are not aware of what actually is hapening inside our minds. In Budhist meditations terminology exists a word wich determines our awareness level , its called ,,mindfulness,, .This is the main idea of all meditations, being aware of your thoughts and being able to concentrate on a certain ,,thing,, as (breathing). Through this meditation practices you get the ability to control your thoughts and many other benefits.

I am absolutely against any medicamentation healing becouse i am sure i does not help actually is makes things even worse (been there , done that)!

I am practicing meditation almost one year and i can say that it realy works. here are some recommended books if you are tired of complaining and have the motivation to start living.

,,Wherever you go there you are,,-Jon Kabat Zinn ,,Mindfulness in plain english,,-Bhante Henepola Gunaratana.