I feel empty.. I constantly feel like i am dreaming. I feel so hopeless. I have gad, depression, and anxiety. I feel like i am never going to get better or that i wont even know what feeling better feels like.I just want to get better and i feel like i am so alone in feeling like this.I also just developed the fear that i am going to snap and go crazy.Everytime i leave my house the feeling of being unreal gets worse. The days i think i am starting to feel better make me think that because i feel better i am actually insane because insane people dont know that they are insane. My concept of time sucks. Things that happened an hour ago feel like they happened five hours ago. I have dreams every night and i always remember every detail, that also freaks me out. I don't know what to do. I am in therapy and i take medicine.
Am i losing my mind?


2360 days ago

if you are in therapy and on medication, then these symptoms really should be discussed with your therapist. You could be having side effects to the medication...or these symptoms could be related to your diagnosis. As only your therapist knows the details, it really would not be wise for us to speculate.