i'm fifteen.
i HARDLY hang out with boys.
and when i do, i'm always SO scared and nervous, 'cause i never what will happen.
i feel like i'll be alone forever.
i just want to know what's up.


3338 days ago
Honey, you're 15. You've got a lot of years ahead to think about this stuff. At your age, you should focus on having fun with your friends, school, and family.

Having said that, I know "boys" is a topic that is probably on your mind a lot. In our society we are told to hold off on relationships until we have all the important stuff out of the way, like finishing school and getting our selves settled. But from a much younger age, our bodies (brains included) are telling us that we NEED to get into a relationship, and it's totally normal and natural to seek that out in our early teens, so I know putting it off for a few years doesn't seem like a viable option.

The building blocks of socializing with the opposite sex start at your age. Having relationships with boys at your age prepares you for finding a suitable life mate when you are old enough to have one. You learn what you like and don't like in a partner, how you want to be treated and what you won't stand for. It's important stuff.

You are not going to be alone forever. Period. You are going to meet a lot of guys in the next few years - in your classes at school, at activities outside of school, and through your friends. Always remember that boys are only human; they get nervous just like you do, and they are programmed just like you to seek out a mate, and to be nervous about it. And if all else fails, in conversation, picture them in their underwear - preferably boxers with happy faces or sponge bob square pants, or something equally silly on them.

In conversation, everybody likes to be asked about themselves. Ask about his interests or hobbies, what he's read lately. Basic conversation starting stuff. And when he asks about you, be honest and show him the real you - people will like you for who you really are, or they're not worth your time. The best way to find people you mesh with, whether boys or girls, is to be yourself.

Don't worry creed, just be patient!

3336 days ago
Yes, I think pink lotus is just right. I love the part of picturing the other genre with bob sponge pants! I'll try it also, and i'm in my thirties! Wish I had 15 again...

3332 days ago
I agree with what the others said too.

You will do fine, just be yourself.



3329 days ago
Honestly, I felt the same exact way when I had just turned 15. Now I'm almost 17 and I'm in an incredible relationship with a guy that loves me for who I am. Believe me, everyone has their "ugly duckling" stage, where they don't believe anyone likes them or they fit in. It'll pass, I promise.