My husband and I were not on good terms when he died.
He was having an affair and he and I had not spoke for over a month. We were still married and I wanted to fix my marriage but he claimed he wanted a divorce but he had not seen an attorney nor had he started any divorce proceeding and he called me almost everyday to leave me a message telling me that he still loved me. We were married for 24 years and had started dating in high school we were together for almost 30 years.


3306 days ago

I usually don't answer dream questions because most of the time they don't mean much or they're pretty straight forward. I'm sorry for the loss of your husband.

It's very common to dream of a loved one when they die. Since your last memories are of him telling you he loved you - then that's why you're dreaming that. Re: 'that he has to go now' could be your sub-conscious way of telling you that his death left your relationship unresolved. I think your brain is trying to tell you to resolve those issues. You were left not knowing if things could have been patched up or not. You also didn't have a chance to say your proper goodbyes.

I really think you would benefit writing your feelings in a journal. You could also write your own goodbye letter. If you're ready, you could also go to the gravesite and talk to him. I'm sure you have and are still going through alot of mixed emotions and that's normal. I think once you work through those feelings the dreams will subside. Once again accept my deepest sympathy. Take care.

3306 days ago
Go to his grave or write a letter to him about everything your feeling from good, bad and angry. Let it out you must have been crushed and so hurt by the affair you need to let this go and begin to enjoy life again. Go see him at his grave or write him a letter and leave it there for him but you need to put this to rest. And then you will rest too...You just need your closure find it how ever you can and you will sleep well again..

3305 days ago
I think it sounds cool that he loves you and he has to let you go now.

Write a letter and put it on or near the stone. Say what you wanted to say.

This will help with your closure.