I keep having flashbacks from my past, they come and go. What does this mean and should I be worried about it? They are normally places I have been or just things that have happened. I have a great family with no problems, but I am stressed out about some things right now. I am always worried about things and am having a lot of issues with death. Help me!


3482 days ago

When you say flashbacks is it when you're busy doing something else and it interrupts your train of thought or is it when you're not thinking about anything in particular?

The former is probably slightly more of a concern than the latter but very often something from the huge amount of memories buried in our minds can suddenly come into our consciences.

Do you understand the flashbacks or are they things you've never realised before. Do you think they're connected to whatever it is you're worrying about?

If you'd like to tell me some more I'll try to help, or maybe just try chatting through your answers to the above with a close friend?


3481 days ago
Hi there,

What kind of flashbacks do you mean? It can be severe, or just thinking back to things that happened.

Are the flashbacks connected to past traumatic events, or just to events?

I would discuss this with a close friend or therapist nearby.



3480 days ago
Most of them are just things from my past. They are not connected to anything, no past traumatic events or people. I just have them whenever, no reasons? Sometimes I think it is related to all the stress I have right now?? Thanks for the answers.