Hello everyone im 18 and im a guy i have no reason to be alive but i still am im more depressed then what the eye meets my family i wouldnt call much of one i live with my grandma and my mother and i stay here as well im 18 never had a job no GED or anything like that im not sure what to do about 3 weeks ago i just came back to live with my grandma again after i was kicked out and was homeless for almost a month i had no where to go so i broke into an a appt that no one lived in i got busted and charged with B&E i feel my life is going no whare at all i feel im in this never ending nightmare i smoke pot many people think its bad but when you in a "no way out" type thing like me you try to take your mind of that i really want to quit but its not that easy i want to do so much but cant i really dont have many friend or any at that but im the type of person that can get along with anyone im really depressed and dont know what to do i want to live on my own and make it on my own but i feel i really need you know a little nuge or push type thing again i can really use a little help



2812 days ago

if you go to your local library you can get the GED prep books and they will also give you an online site where you can do practice tests and then you can take it when you are ready. It is worth doing!

all states and many counties have mental health clinics where you can go to get treatment for the depression if needed.

were you assigned a social worker after the B&E arrest. if so, talk to them and take advice on how to try to put you life back together. It really was silly of you to break in as now you have that on your record!

in the meantime, try applying for jobs that dont require GED. Try supermarkets as a packer, etc

If you cannot find work, start volunteering for worthy causes so that you can at least have that on your resume

you need to stop looking back and try to look forward. there are people who have messed up bigger than you have who have been able to turn their life around. but it is up to you to make the effort

hope this helps a bit

2812 days ago
Chemar gave you some great options. I agree you definitely need to get your GED. Speaking to your parole officer is also a great idea - they might be able to get you into a training program. You also need to cut out the marijuana use - this could be contributing to lack of motivation. I know many young people think there's nothing wrong with it but, it's substance abuse. Where do you get the money to buy it? You may need to get into a treatment program to stop using it.

You mentioned you can get along with anyone - that's a very good quality to have. It's normal to feel down on yourself when you can't see the future. What you need is a direction, so you can feel optimistic about the future. Please talk to your parole officer or someone in the court - they would be very impressed if you asked them for guidance - see if they have any info on training programs. As Chemar said, this is an obstacle you can easily overcome. You'll feel so much better about yourself once you get your GED and can see a future.

2811 days ago
Dear Downforthecount18,

Your situation is difficult and I can understand why you feel as if there is no solution. You are very young and still growing and unprepared for facing life as an adult. However, you do not have any other choice but to take the steps to solve your problems. The more you avoid doing so, the more depressed you will feel and the more depressed you feel the more pot you'll smoke. The more pot you smoke the less you will care about yourself and your life.

So stop the pot smoking because you do need to care about yourself and you need the motivation to start solving your problems. Make a list of the things that you need to do such as getting your High School Diploma or your GED, and a job; and then think how to get it, goggle it, ask around, wake up early every morning and look for job applications in fast food restaurants or other places, goggle craig's list or similar.

I don't know the reasons why you didn't finish highschool but that is the minimal education you should have. You really need to stop thinking about the past and all the negative things that happened to you and start thinking about what you need to do to now. You say that you get along with anyone. do you know how valuable that quality is? It is huge, because employers want people that can work in a team and in harmony. You have social intelligence and that can take you very far in life. I am sure you have many other qualities and a lot to contribute. But you need to make an effort and commit to solve every problem that life puts in your way.

2808 days ago
This is great help i have another problem on my hands..I told y'all i had the B&E charge thing and my court dates in less then 3 weeks away and my grandmother is telling me im not welcomed back after that The scaryest this is being homeless Its hurtd when you have no friends or family to fall on because im not really to grow up im in a never ending nightmare nobody wants to hair me im going INSANE! How can god do this to me i know everyone says theres someone wrose yes but im still having it pretty crappy snice i was 13 ive been in 3 foster homes over 5 group homes 2 lock down feacilty i got out of all that mess at the age of 17 not to long ago huh it sucks ive nevr had a teen-aged life and it is hard realy hard no schooling no friends no family to ture to what do i do when this is happeing And to this point god seams like a distint dream it hard to reach

Im scareming inside i TRUELY NEED HELP!! So many blackhole i cut on my self to numb the pain of being stuck and being no one i scarm to the cloud and ask him for something and no what nothing!! i need a nung or a push but theres no one to give it to me why the hell would god put me here if all i have to do is suffer CAN ANYONE HELP Its my life storie of depressing thoughts and suiside

2679 days ago
Hi Downforthe count1

I found your question because I was looking for ways to make my life more meaningful, hopefully by helping others. It's such a great feeling. I know though, that sometimes talking helps, but at the same time the person giving you advice is not in your shoes. Ive sort of been in your shoes. I've stayed in a homeless shelter, I lived in a couple of foster homes. But I do have that loving family. But, they haven't always understood me. I think your family is misunderstanding you.

You need to explain to them how you are feeling and let them know you do want to get your HS diploma, and stop smoking weed. IF they are not supportive after that, then you need to stop having expectations from them and to find a church and pray for God's guidance and have faith. He will come to your rescue.

You are here for a purpose. You are so young right now and have been crapped on and don't realize it yet. But, someone needs you in their life in the future. So, sometimes you have to be very optomistic and pursue what you want in life, one step at a time and you have to realize that your life is not just for your happiness, but for someone elses as well. We are all intertwined.

Now, stop hurting and start healing and go after what you want in life, but help others along the way and you will go far. Take Care. I care about you.