I always fell guarded and like ther is a part of me that I am not comfident enough to show the world. With friends they may come and go and I lose them like clock work.


3327 days ago
Anyone who has experienced a dramatic form of loss, especially repeated times, is more likely to withhold from showing their true selves to people. Its a defense mechanism to protect your emotions. Obviously if you have been hurt a few times or disappointed by people, you will be less likely to open up in order to prevent those feelings from happening again. I believe this is a perfectly normal reaction to pain and loss; however, it can become unhealthy if it gets to a point that no matter what you are withholding and it prevents you from being able to esetablish a deep connection with someone who truly wants that connection with you.

Obviously opening up to someone else makes you more vulnerable and most people do not like to feel vulnerable to another; however, its building that trust that allows you to be vulnerable with certain people.

So, I'd look back and try to pinpoint the different lossed relationships that may have caused your current situation and just assess them for what they are and move forward. It is human nature to apply previous experience to current situations to attempt to assess the outcome but you must also be able to identify when, sometimes, those past experiences really do not apply for whatever reason.

Good luck


3327 days ago
Nah, it's not a disorder. It's just learning how to live life best. Take a risk and slowly show people who you are.

3321 days ago
If you do have previous issues, it is harder to trust people. Or if you have been hurt before, it is harder to trust others.

You must, however, learn what you may of done wrong in previous situations and apply them to your current friends so you dont lose them.

You are better than you think.