Im a single mom of two school-aged kids. Ive been a single parent for 10 years, and i cant say that life has been easy ever since. I read about bipolar disorder, im not sure if i have it, but i surely have the symptom of mood swing. It can be very bad at some time.

The last time was yesterday. I havent been in a good mood for 2 weeks or so. My 8y.o. girl came to me, she was upset about something and started to whine. I was in a very bad condition, so i got furious to her at the end, after she'd whined for more than 20min.

I was at my weakest condition, i didnt have any control of my self at all. and I said a really bad thing to her... i said that i'd kill her if she didnt stop crying! Gosh, thats a terrible thing to say, isnt it? :(

i regretted my self at the very moment. deeply regret myself. but i know it was too late, she already heard the bad thing from her mum. i apologized to her, said that i wasnt serious about it, that i felt sorry, and it was because i was in a bad condition.

if only i can erase that thing from her memories. i dont know how much damage i will make from that single line.. gosh, is there anything i can do? at least to reduce the bad effect of my bad saying?? please please anybody..

i dont know what she has in mind now, about her mum having criminal minds. i need to know everything i can do that might reduce the effect.. im a real deep depression now.

i cant stop crying about this stupid thing ive done..

thank you for helping out. God Bless You.


3051 days ago

all you can do toward your child now is to keep reinforcing your love for her and how you were not feeling well when you said what you did. It cant erase the shock of hearing her mother say that, but hopefully can help her realize you did not mean it

I do think tho that you need to see a professional for a correct diagnosis and treatment for whatever is causing you to have mood swings and these extreme reactions. You ow it to yourself and your children to try to stabilize your moods

maybe start with your doctor and tell him/her of the moodswings and have some blood tests to check your hormone levels etc. It is amazing how off balance hormones can seriously affect our mental health as well as our bodies!

if the doctor feels it necessary, he can also refer you for therapy.

hope you will take care of yourself!

3051 days ago
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3045 days ago

Your quick response to reassure your child and the caring you obviously feel for her are the most important things to come out of this. My sense from your words are that your kids probably realize they have a very loving mother!

We all do things we really regret, but quickly sitting down with your child, showing remorse, explaining the situation, and (by default) showing her that no one's perfect probably is teaching her some very GOOD lessons as well.

I don't think you need mental help. Life is understandably very stressful for you right now. Keep doing your best. And keep loving these kids!

3043 days ago
Dear Chemar, bellacutie, and Thisisit,

Thank you so much for responding my question. It actually helped me a lot in reflecting myself, for the things i've done and the things i need to do, and things i mustn't do.

Though I still feel bad and still worried bout this matter, your answers helped comfort me in some way. I'm going to keep loving my kids, for sure, in a much better way. Pray for me. God bless.