We have been best friends for a couple months but I have never felt like this with any of my other best friends. I know im not a lesbian im completely sure and I dont even think im bi but im not sure because I have never ever been into girls or even considerered it before. Me and my friends want boyfriends and always try to find hot guys we wanna go out with and stuff. And I hever think girls are hot or wanna check them out or anuthing. But in like the last few weeks I realized I think I love her more then a best friend. I always wanna flirt with her and we always call eachother hot and say eachother is a babe. And we have this scale of how we rate guys. And even the guys we think are like the hottest guys in the world we rate a 10 and she said I was so hot I would be off the scale and im an 11. And I said that about her too. And we hold hands sometimes and we always hug and say we love eachother and I know its just like best friends do but I really like her in a way I would like a guy but im like 99% sure she is straight. She says she is and im pretty sure its true. I mean sometimes it seems like we are flirting with eachother but im pretty sure for her its just joking around. But I still love it and like we were having a sleepover and we were watching scary movies and we were like kinda snuggling close and I rested my head on her shoulder. Then we were talking about how we wanted to practice for making out with hot guys for when we get a hot date and I wanted to say we should practice on eachother nobody would ever have to no. But im pretty sure she doesnt like me in that way and im scared of ruining our friendship. I dont wanna lose her as my best friend. But Im so confused. Like im pretty sure I really do like her in that way. I love when we are close and we hug and stuff and say we love eachother and when she calls me hot and stuff. And even though I still love guys and want a boyfriend I imgine me and her being together and it would be better cause we wouldnt have to deal with confusing guys and I really would wanna be with her. When we are gonna hangout I get really excited. Even though we hangout alot. Its different then when im happy to see my other friends though. She is the only girl I have ever felt anything at all like this with. So basically this is my question am I actually bi? Like I know I would never been to in to any other girls besides her and im still really into guys but does this still make me bi? Or is it just a phase or something I really dont know. And I have nobody I could ever talk to this about either. So it sucks but thanks so much for any answers.


2409 days ago
Hi - some young people experience some confusion with their sexual orientation when they're young. They might go through phases and then change their minds or they might actually stay with those feelings. The problem with this is, because she's your best friend it would be awkward if she doesn't feel the same. I can't say for sure you might be bisexual and I wouldn't worry about it.