First of all, when I have an assignment or a test to study, I always end up on my laptop and I tell myself that I will study after this, but I end up wasting hours and the next day I rush to finish it. I have joined an honours-type school and my major procrastination is the reason for my percentages dropping. I also write down notes really fast because I'm afraid of forgetting what the teacher has just said. I always tap my fingernails on something when someone is talking, or if I'm waiting for something. I'm not impatient, but I get easily frustrated when I'm tutoring someone. I do daydream a lot instead of doing my homework and it's frustrating because I was always an A student without trying. I also noticed my spelling is getting a little worse. My biggest worry is my major off-task habit and forgetfullness. Please help! Thanks!


2321 days ago
Hi - usually ADD doesn't pop up and they have signs early on. How long have you felt this? As far as managing your time and assignments this takes good discipline/organization ability. If I feel I'm procrastinating, disciplining myself the way I would a child works. This means if you like going on the computer, you don't allow yourself to unless yo've completed your school work. Are you getting enough sleep - this can affect concentration. Not eating healthy and exercise also affects your mind and motivation. If things don't improve then consult your doctor. There are screening tests for ADD/ADHD - a questionaire the doctors give you. Over use of computers can make other responsibilities lag behind. Try living a healthy life and organizing you time better - hopefully this will help.

2071 days ago
It could very well be that u hav ADD. Although not as comon, ADD can be diagnosed later in life. For ppl who are either very gifted or hav found ways to cope with their inability to focus, ADD may not hav too big of an impact on their life until situations change- such as starting college or a new job, in which case the amount of resppnsibilites increase and even easy tasks seem overwhelming. In othr words, u can cruise along fine until u hit a wall. If u think you hav ADD, try seeing a psychologist. They can evaluate and giv u an accurate diagnosis.

If u do hav ADD, it is possible that you can get accomodations, such as being able to tape record the lecture so u don't hav to frantically take notes. Until then, try shutting off all electronics when u are doing work, and eliminate all distractions. Do work in intervals and reward yourself (after I do an hour, I can go online for ten minutes.) that way things won't be quite as frrustrating and overwhelming.

Best of luck!