I want to know what my dream means. I have been dreaming over and over again that my ex-husband is trying to kill me.In my dream his been using the same weapon which is a very sharp knife.In my dream he was stabbing me through my last breathe. He was always going for my neck and chest. I could feel the knife slicing me and I could actually feel all the pain.I kept on trying to run away from him but he kept on chasing me just to kill me.Each and every time that I dream about it; it always comes in the same pattern and his always using the same sharp knife.I'm really bug-out about this dream. Please can someone try to explaine this to me. Thanks


3330 days ago
How is your relationship in real life?

Dreams can be as simple as you are feeling you are losing your identity in the relationship.

3330 days ago
I think dreams represent what's going on in our daily life, usually subconsciously, but not entirely. If you've been contemplating and questioning your ex husband's trustworthiness recently, or another man's trustworthiness recently, maybe your dream symbolizes that.

3330 days ago
DO you have bad feelings toward your ex husband? if so i think this dream represents those bad feelings

3327 days ago
Yeah, how is the relationship in real life? Dreams can be symbolic of what has transpired previously.