I was wondering if not wanting to live was sucidal and if it wasnt, could you please tell me what it is so that i can research it. Thanks


3417 days ago
this is known as ambivilance, prehaps it's not really that a person doesn't care as much as they are torn between the two choices. this is a common issue with borderline personality disorder and was discussed in the movie Girl Interupted

3417 days ago
My best friend killed himself in October and it devastated all his friends. he killed himself in his therapist office. If I could show the future of what happens when someone whats to kill themselves, they will see all the massive pain it causes to everyone in their live. Just talk about it with someone, keep talking about it until you become clear that it's not right. Talk about the future of your life and with others. Life changes everyday.

3417 days ago
Hi Sunkist, I think your feeling of not caring if you live or die might be considered a mild form of "suicidal ideation." Perhaps you also feel pretty "lifeless" or very exhausted and not much emotion at times. These are common symptoms of severe clinical depression, which I've experienced more than once. Do you have, or could you find a physician or therapist to share this with? It's important to seek treament now, not to let it go on and get worse. I think that deep down, you don't want to die, you want to be free of the pain you must be experiencing. I've learned a phrase from one of my favorite posters on this site: if you feel like you want to die, tell yourself "not now." The person who posted above also gave some good advice: "Life changes every day." A number of times I've written very hopeless thoughts in my journal, only to have my life improve, reread those entires in disbelief that I could have ever thought that way. Journaling might work for you; you can list reasons for choosing life, from the profound to the ridiculous. Always tell yourself that even if things feel hopeless right now, there's a very good chance they will improve in the future. Hope that helps a little.

3396 days ago
I would consider it suicidal ideation. You feel that "in a show business kind of way" that if you died, all your problems would be over.

But you would be gone, and there would be no way to change it back.

So what to do? Not do it, and seek help from a therapist or school counselor about it.