Help!!! I am only 12 years old and I want to commit suicide. It's mostly from my parents. My mom mostly. She always gives my sister all the credit. Today I was sick with strep, and my mom pulled me around town when it was raining and I was feeling miserable. So one of the places we went was the bookstore, and my mom bought 3 books with MY money! So I told her that they were mine and I could do what I want with them now since I paid for them. My mom said she would pay me back. That still isnt fair, but oh well. She wont remember to pay me back. So then we went to Starbucks and my throat was freakin hurting horribly. I didnt see anything I wanted at Starbucks because I didnt feel well. So I told her I didnt want anything. She ordered me ice coffee and expected me to drink it. I HATE coffee. So I told her I didnt want it and she freaked out. I did so much more stuff, and when the day was over, we went home. My mom told my dad (who by the way doesnt give a care about anything, and he will drag me off of the top of my bunk bed by my arm, landing on my head... its happened before!) that I didnt feel well and he tried to stick a knife down my throat. I started crying and he told me to shut up and do my homework. So now I feel like commiting suicide. I know that this may not seem like a lot to some people, but when youre sick with strep and have anger mangagment problems, its easy to pull every last hair off of your head.
I dont deserve to live. apparently my mom is so much better than me so she can take my place. nobody will miss me. i barley have any friends. nobody knows me. i dont care if anybody notices im gone. nobody cares about me and i know it. i hate myself. my life is full of hate. i have alredy ripped half of the hair off of my head.
somebody please help me. im so scared. i cant help but get angry at every little thing. then my parents get mad at me and it starts up again. I HATE MYSELF SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME. NOBODY CARES AND NOBODY EVER WILL.


3292 days ago

First off take a deep breath before you read this.

Next, it does sound like you're overwhelmed and offended by how your parents have been disrespecting you. This isn't something you should kill yourself over because it can be solved through simple communication. You have to find a way to explain to your parents how you need them to listen to you a bit more. It sounds to me like you also need to find a little more self-reliance so you don't NEED their attention to begin with, but that's something that you can work on over time.

It also sounds like you're really stressed out and have been stressed out for a while. Do your parents know that you've been pulling out your hair? Do they know how upset you've been lately? I would suggest you ask for their help in finding a child psychologist in your area who you can talk to. It's important, and you can tell them that the first meeting is usually free, so they have nothing to risk by setting up just one meeting.

Even though this looks bad, and I can see that you're genuinely stressed out, suicide is NOT, absolutely NOT the right move. The right thing to do is to talk to someone and get this sorted out so you can relax and be happy.

If you're really desperate, PLEASE call 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK. Those are 24/7 national crisis hotlines.

Someone always cares, Millie. :)

3292 days ago
first of all someone always care and suicide is not the right path to take everyone deserves to live a long and happy life

3292 days ago
Hi Millie,

the other posts are right, someone always cares - we care about you too. Suicide is never an option. There's also the kids help phone that you can call in North America. I would also strongly suggest you tell your school principle and school counselor - you need to tell them about how your father treats you. Try to be calm and don't hurt yourself. Take care.

3282 days ago
It is true, we all do care. Please realize suicide is not the answer.

Can you talk to your school counselor and parents?



3275 days ago

Suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary situation. I can tell that you must be hurting very much. Please read and follow what I am about to tell you. 1. Because I don't know where you live, you will need to find out this information. You can ask someone at your school or a friend's parent that you trust to help you. Locate the phone number to an organization called Division of Child and Family Services. This might not be the exact name in your area, but something close will exist. They can help you and your parents. 2. If your school district has a school psychologist find out how you can see him/her, and tell them how you feel. Anytime you think you might kill yourself, call a Suicide hotline number or immediately get yourself to a hospital where they can help you to feel better and keep you safe. 3. You are a person of worth! Stop giving your power away to others. Take it back and claim it as yours! 4. Pray. Ask for all the help the universe can deliver. You are that important! 5. Stay alive, no matter what occurs! Stay safe and be well.

3261 days ago
Im 12 years Old Tryed To Comit Suicide.. =/ seriously.. iit daint work i tried 14 paramax (x2 of paraceatamol) , drownin maself and cuttin maself. I Do iit for reasons tho.. my mum is dyin, ma ex dumped me for another / prettyer gal than me , ma dad wants me live with him and he lives far away so that means new school and home and mates , bad things in the past hapened..containin death of ma uncle who did comit suicide and ma nan who fell down the steps also ma grandad who i daint no whyy he died :S .. i get bullied everyday =/ i dnt have alot of mates i am one whch is unpopular and i never get to see my sisters or ma dads part of the family.. dude.. SUICIDE AINT THE ANSWER !! i learned thatt =/ after aload of blood test and everythiin in hospital and people will thiink you're physco aswell iif yahh wanna chat to me ust add ma addy iif ahh want .. [email protected] .. xx thanks xx

3150 days ago

Do you really want to live on through this suffering? A short length of rope could give you the relief you need. Remember, you can't feel anything if you're dead. It's definitely a percentage shot.

2740 days ago
What a small world I want to just die sometimes I break down and cry all night it's my dad I just turned twelve and my birthday was a disaster sometimes I get a knife and and feel like I'll just stab my neck I hope the story you said isn't a joke because it's a realy terrible feeling I wrote a song about it out so just hold on my dad hates me so much he disowened me I wish you the best of luck and please just hold on because some things in life are hard you and me are only twelve you haven't realy lived half of your life so just have fun I dont have any friends and my girlfriend just dumped me so I'll wish you luck bye

2685 days ago
I'm really sick can't do my homework but still try I'm trying to suicide everyday jumping off of everything praying i die but still no. Please ned some help don't think I can live any longer



2679 days ago
I CARE!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude as a 12 year old who's held the gun to my head had the noose in my hand and had the knife at my throught I can tell you it's a hard thing to deal with a VERY hard thing to deal with but know that at least 10 people love you in he world no matte what. I still struggle with depression and suicidle thoughts but you've go to get help you need to vent it out other wise it gets bottled up and you sad lonely and bitter the rest of your life! Now I'm not going to stop you if you really think that's the rout path it's not my life or family but seriousley just know that at least I care even if I don't know you I can relate.