Mmmkay, I am 12, My name is savanna Race: White.Im bipoler. My life is very hard to write about but ill give you the basic things going on k?
See im in 7th grade I have always been made fun of called dirty mean names. I cry during school and all the kids say is, your so pathetic grow up And call me bad words. Im more mature than everyone else and i already know that. But, im not good enough for anyone wich brings me to when i get home... No guys like me yah know. I personally have a nice body,face,and personallity. But ive become kinda mean and aggresive because of what people do to me and say about me/ Well when i get home i have my mother who make me soo deprest she yells at me over everything. she doesnt care about anything i say. She has like 15guys over everyday. Ive been molested about 4 times now. She doesnt really understand how my life is. My 16 year old brother has always been the good child and my moms favorite. My brother has recently got his 15 year old girlfriend pregnant, she is going to keep it. ever since he started to have sex my brother has been aggresive. he yells at me alot and hes never home but, when he is he throws me around and hits me. Im a really bad masterbater. i dont feel important or loved i feel ugly and stupid. I have a cutting problem. And ive tryed to commit cuicide. I need someones advice what do i do. How do i survive??
- Savanna


1995 days ago
Hi - I'm sorry for all you've been through. Have you been diagnosed by a doctor for bipolar and if yes...what kind of treatment are you getting? Have you told your mother about being molested? Regarding any bullying - if you can't handle it yourself, report this to the principal, teacher or counselor at school. It honestly doesn't sound safe to live in your house and I think you need to tell a counselor at school. These men could be charged with child abuse.

How are your grades? Try to be focused on your grades because this will be your way out to being a successful adult. Reach out for help from some responsible adults. I hope it gets better.

1995 days ago

I agree with Bella

You need to speak to someone who can help you, and so please speak to your school counselor about the bullying and if your mother is not protecting you from being molested, you need to let the school counselor know.

1991 days ago
Heya sarvanna :)

I know how life can get very stressful sometimes, you can never fully understand another persons situation. But you can always try to and give advice and thats what i intend to do. I hope it helps, I am 18 of age so i do quiet now how school can be.

These children who you say things to you, have no life and really need to grow up. But stay strong beacuse I have gone through stuff like that during the past 5 years in secondary. Dont let them get to you, your going to be an independent woman when your older dont let them get in the way of your education. Let them be ignorant and follow each other, your a leader, get ur Good grades and get the hell out of there. You dont need their opinion people gonna always try put you down, no matter what your always going to have haters. And about no guys like you, your more than a piece of meat, you dont need to impress no guy, You know they come and go. Your beautiful no matter what, and if you impress a guy through your looks imagine when your older and have wrinkles do you think he will stay ? you need a guy whos going to fall for your heart your soul and your personality, looks is a bunos tho ;) but no worries you got that.

And if you have problems at home seek help before it gets worse, talk to your mother about it if not talk to another relative who you dearly trust.

Find something worth living for and stick with it, even if its a hobby, career or even a religion, have faith

Hope this helped :) All smiles

1990 days ago
You need to tell someone, whether it be an aunt, grandparent, or cop. Obviously your family is very destructive and your mom and brother are dealing with their own issues, so I think it would be best for you to live with someone else so you can figure your life out. As for the school situation, if you can't transfer somewhere else (by moving in with a family member) then I suggest talking to a teacher, or simply fight them/her. you said yourself that you are pretty and fit, so that probably why they treat you like that, but don't let them get to your head. Also if you want, talk to your mom, even if you're scared, tell her what the guys have been doing and if she doesn't care then move in with someone else. Don't let others dictate your happiness.

1989 days ago
I'd go to a school counselor. I am so sorry your mom doesn't care!!! My daughter had the same thing happen last year and I went in and demanded they stop the bullies from hurting my daughter (14 then) any more. We transferred schools. U NEED to talk to someone Hun, your living situation and school situation is not good for you. I'm so very sorry!!

1987 days ago
Hello Savanna,

My name is Paul, I am so sorry to hear about the horrible and unfair things that are going on in your life. The bulluing and molestation are major issues, and both are illegal. You are internalizing your pain and anger from these issues. This is what is causing the cutting. And don't worry, the masterbation is not a sexual dysfunction, it is completely normal. Masterbation can relieve depression and lead to a higher sense of self-esteem. The issues of the molestations are not just going to go away with time, they will only get worst. You really need to seek the help you so deserve. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.