I am so sad. I've been depressed for about a year now. Somedays it's so bad all I do is wake up cry, sleep, wake up, cry, sleep, wake up, cry, sleep ALL DAY. My mom really doesn't help at ALL. I'd be really depressed/crying and she'd say "Why are you so sad? What's wrong? What can I do?" I feel like she was interrogating me and I wouldn't want to answer the questions or if I did I would say "I don't know why I'm sad" Because I DON'T know why I'm sad and she'd say "I know you're not telling me everything," EVEN THOUGH THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO TELL. So, she's going to schedule me an appointment with a therapist and I'm pretty scared. What kind of things do therapists say or do? WHAT THE HELL DO I DO ABOUT ANYTHING?!?!?!?!? WHY THE HELL IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!?!?!?! I AM SO SAD!!!!! HELP!!!


2866 days ago
I'm sorry you've been feeling so sad - sometimes there might not be a particular reason why you're sad. A person could have a good life and all the right things going for them, but still feel sad. If the brains level of serotonin is unbalanced, this can make a person feel sad.

I also want to mention that it could be a combination of little life circumstances - problems at school, friends etc - this combined with not eating healthy, not exercising and not sleeping well, can affect the balance in our bodies.

I'm a mom too and it's sounds like you have a good mom, if she willing to get you help. The reason she keeps asking you "what's wrong" is because we mom's want to fix things lol. She might also be scared there's something you're not telling her. Since you're going to see a therapist, I want you to write down on some paper, what you think could be wrong and what self help methods you can do to improve your outlook. Some young people who write here, can't convince their parents to get them help, so you're lucky she's validating your feelings.

So when you see the therapist, go prepared and make it a productive visit. Don't be scared - the therapist is there to help you and your mom must love you. Keep us posted and you're going to be okay. Hugs Bella

2865 days ago
Hello there, it is perfectly okay to not know why you are sad, but it is very very good to get some help with it. Like Bella, I think the way your mom tends to you, this is a very good sign, she can be a very good ally for you. You are lucky to have a mom who cares. My parents never even realized I had so much going on that was so wrong, they completely missed very overt signs that I had been abused by a family member. Then even when I did tell them, they did not believe me. So even though it is hard to talk to your mom and even though you do not have the answers she is looking for, just rest in the fact that she is there for you. Truly, that is awesome.

Perhaps I can give you a little insight on what is likely to happen when you go to therapy. I say likely because this is based on my personal experience and with what I have read about what is commonly done. That does not mean that each therapist does this or in this way. But generally speaking, on your first therapy appointment, very commonly, the therapist will ask a lot of questions usually and get a background from you. Some of the questions may seem a little silly or ridiculous but just answer each one honestly. This is an important step in the therapy process because it helps the therapist know what potential issues, roadblocks, strengths, allys ect that there may be. The second appointment, very commonly, is when you really get more into what brings you into therapy. I thought Bella had a great idea to do some brainstorming beforehand. When I went into my first and second appointment with my therapist, I was kind of having a hard time describing what was going on. So brainstorming is a good idea. I hope that the experience of a therapist is really good for you. I absolutely think mine is a God-send. Take care of yourself, trust your mom. All my best. Junie

2865 days ago
Hi there,

i know this feeling. And i know it well. As above posts suggested yes, therapy would probably help. But for me, i just needed to find an outlet for all of my sad feelings. For me i found outlets in two mainly in two things. One being creative thinking, for things such as creating. Like scrapbooking, drawing, painting and dancing. Secondly in hearing music. I've listened to so many bands such as Asking alexandria, cute is what we aim for, the academy is, attack attack, these bands helped me through such tough times. I hope they can help you to. Take care and good luck-


2865 days ago

Here's an exercise that may help. This is one of the steps in a powerful technique I developed based on neuroscience.

Take a piece of paper and draw a line from top to bottom down the middle and from left to right across the center.

1. In the top right quadrant write emotions (sad, angry, afraid..whatever you've been experiencing in the past few days or week),

2. in the bottom left quad write what happens in your body (crying, sleeping, shallow breath, etc),

3. in the bottom right quad, write down the thoughts you hear in your head (something's wrong with me, what's wrong with me, life sucks, this sucks, etc.)

4. for this step, you have to be willing to deliberately feel the negative emotions you've been feeling. Here's goes. in the top right quad, Circle the worst 1, 2 or 3 emotions that you've been feeling. Now put your finger in the circle on the word of the emotion that affects you the worst. Allow yourself to feel that emotion. Once you've allowed yourself to feel it, recall the last time you felt that feeling. Your brain might give you the last time you felt it, or it might show you the first time you felt it or the worst time you felt it. Write down what ever image/memory your brain shows you.

5. What you recall will be in the form of a memory/image write down a description of that image in the top left quad and circle the description. Then draw a line with an arrow from the image to the circled emotion that that image is linked to. Do this same step with the 1, 2 or 3 emotions that you circled.

These images represent the issues, situations or concerns that are causing your brain to activate a stress response which we feel as "emotions" like sadness.

In other words, when your brain or you focus on these images, your brain automatically triggers a stress response. If you stay in a stress response too long, that pattern in your brain becomes deeper and deeper, you feel like your sinking deeper and deeper. That pattern becomes very difficult to escape. Once you feel stuck in that repeating pattern, you feel as if the issues are pressing down on you, in other words you feel depressed.

Becoming aware of your pattern is the first step in resolving the pattern. There are 6 steps in total, but just the fact of getting clear what issues are affecting you is a good start. If you'd like more info, just respond to this post.

Wishing you peace,

Don McKinnon, The Brain Wizard