Let me please know if the following characteristics in a 47 years old man, are symptoms of a mental disorder and which one: 

1) He truly believes he is a samurai warrior in a battle, with scope to kill every emotion. His claims as enemy half of himself, since he recognise other half's beauty and enlightenment.

2) He describe himself full of compassion for others, but shows clear lack of empathy and even cruelty to me. Off course I am not sure if he is too sensitive and covers himself.

3) He believes that if he succeed in the above-mentioned battle, he will be crown by the Universe, as the "chosen one" and be the best of the bests. Universe is a kind of his God.

4) He has the life target to amaze others and awake desire for himself, but admitting that he doesn't really give a shit for nobody and love doing this just to have fan!

5) He has sent me his nude model-like perfect body picture, before really know him, to amaze me off course and develop my desire, but avoid like hell any physical meet or contact and states he is above sex. Although in another conversation (always written), had stated that he is wild inside and proceed for 2 times in phone sex, but during the process he was totally speechless like frozen. 

6) He usually speaks for himself -if he is a mood to speak- and when my mum had cancer and like a normal human informed him on that, he told me that he is very sorry for my situation, but he pleased me to leave him live his life, away from such distraction. He also asked my forgiveness and stated that "sorry, I'm this".

7) He is very successful businessman, with global reputation, but completely isolated the last 7 years and avoid any social event or close friendship. He lived 200 years experiences, press in 47 and claims that this make him unable to express himself. Sometimes due to numerous global travels, claims that "he feels that he cannot feel".

8) He is very polite, with aristocratic manners and even when he " kills me" he ask forgiveness.

9) When I suggested politely to ask for a psychiatry or psychological assistance, cause he lived so much comparing with a normal man (he was among kings, money's etc due to his business), he told me that he does not need any assistance and the one that needs one, is me!

10) He put me in a prison, projected his own prison to me, and allows me only email communication and not any physical contact at all! When I spoke to him over phone, he had long silent gabs and explained to me after in writing, that he lived so much that have difficulties to express himself in a social normal manner.

11) After 10 months every day communication and the mentioned of mental assistance need, he told me that he is not in a mood to be a "pen pal" anymore, he just told me a frozen "erase me please" and send me with this frozen cruelty away.

12) We leave in different countries but we arranged 3 times to meet in business trips, but he stood me up. There was one time that it was " a dream to have me in his Venice", but when I went there, he took me to a deluxe hotel like a gentleman and damped me there like an asshole... 

13) He is totally affected by the film KILL BILL Vol. 1 and 2 of Tarantino and he act totally under this quote of samurai :

"When engaged in combat, the vanquishing of thine enemy can be the warrior's only concern...

...This is the first and cardinal rule of combat...

...Suppress all human emotion and compassion...

...Kill whoever stands in thy way, even if that be Lord God, or Buddha himself...

This truth lies at the heart of the art of combat. Once it is mastered... Thou shall fear no one... Though the devil himself may bar thy way... "

He admitted that he is the most emotional man around me, but he learn to suppress perfectly "every emotion" and walk as he says "like oil above the water".

14) Professionally he is very successful CEO of his own company over 30 years, with multimillion projects worldwide. Generally, he is extremely intelligent, above the normal spiritual and charming, sensitive, divorced and believes he is the beauty itself, but also  he claims that he is half evil  (he carries an inside Minotaur that he hates) and does not deserve love. He feels very UNHAPPY maybe depress, feels uncomfortable when somebody says that love word to him, or come intimate close to him. When he feels that somebody  love him,  he told me that he scares and become speechless. He prefer to have distance relations (10 years with a married Saudi Arabian that she was projected his prison and that she finally kill herself 2 years ago). He is European like me, he is well educated and intelligent and his written language is perfect in sequence and expression, without any lost issues, like schizophrenia patients.

The stupid thing is that he initially create desire and really amaze me by his beauty, just to gain his goal of admiration and then after 10 months very DEEP relationship, abandon without the slightest emotion, an emotionally dead victim -myself- by turning his beauty to ugliness...

I would appreciate very deep your help in understanding if this case is  psychologically mental sickness, psychosis e.t.c. or not and how you suggest I could help him, since I love him more than anything in this world.

Thanking you in advance.


2386 days ago
Hi Oriana - just to let you know we aren't doctors/therapist and its impossible to diagnose online even if we were....especially a 3rd party point of view. Its safe to say though, this man needs serious psychological help, but is probably too arrogant to ever seek help. He thinks his way of thinking is superior and has clear delusions of himself. Anyone who thinks they have supernatural beyond human powers will be hard to convince they need help.

I realize this man probably has some charm and his financial status may be appealing, but you really need to wonder how this relationship will work. I think you should get some counseling to figure why you would be attracted to a man, who clearly isn't in touch with reality and can't offer you a genuine relationship. I think this relationship will cause you mental damage in the end. Yes he definitely sounds mentally ill.

2386 days ago
Thank you Bella.

I am very well awared on my issue of attachment, but when you receive such beautiful letters for months and so sharp written way of thought, plus the fact he is so successful business wise, you really come to a point that doubt your own mental balance. The main question is if he is mentally ill, how can he is so successfull in his business, how people trust their money to him? How he communicate with his 50 employees and get respect , making rounds in the world to inspect projects? Is this possible??

2386 days ago
Yes it's possible if he's thinks this highly of himself, I'm sure he also has a way of convincing others and being a strong leader type of person. I'm not saying he's a psychopath or sociopath but they also have a strong ability to manipulate and lead others to trust them. People who have these strong opinions and delusions about themselves, rarely seek help because it affects others more than it does themselves. If he looks good, has money and an authoritative manner, this gives him an advantage business wise. He probably keeps most of the far fetched opinions to himself when dealing with associates.

2386 days ago
Many people with mental illness are also very smart

However, from what you have described, this man needs psychiatric help as IMHO he sounds like he is delusional