I have two issues I've been wanting to bring up with my therapist, but I'm not sure if I would gain anything or if it would be appropriate.

The first is financial issues--that's a big part of my life, and I've been wondering if it's appropriate to talk about my frustration with my primary caretaker, who has asked me to stop going to therapy because of the financial burden. I want to discuss my anger about this, but I don't want to make my therapist feel guilty for charging the rate he does.

The second issue is something I'm only going to mention in sort of vague terms. My therapist specializes in an issue because he too has/had that issue. I have mentioned that I am in therapy to a friend of mine for this issue, and mentioned that the therapist has also gone through it. Now, she continues to absentmindedly refer to the therapist in a somewhat derogatory manner based around this issue. I want to bring this up to discuss my frustration with it and how I feel like she's also disrespecting me on the basis of this issue, but I don't want to insult the therapist because of what she has said or because of the fact that I have talked about him/mentioned him to others.



3252 days ago

I think it's okay to mention that your primary caretaker wants you to stop because it getting to expensive. Maybe he will give you a discount or offer to talk to them on your behalf. If it turns out you have to quit therapy, you would want him to know it was for financial reasons.

For the second issue, it may be better if you handled it with your friend directly. If your friend referred to your therapist in a derogatory way, then she was insulting him and you - since you have the same issue. You can point out nicely to your friend, that you felt hurt by that comment, since you deal with the same issues. Your therapist was trying to make you feel comfortable, that even 'he' is dealing with this issue. I agree that you should keep your conversations private. You seem like a very considerate person. TC.

3252 days ago
Yes to both, in my opinion. The first issue is a no-brainer. The second issue is good to discuss because you it involves shame attached to your condition. Your therapist went through it and it's important that you bring it up for YOUR sake.

3252 days ago
Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate your insight!

3247 days ago
I think the first for sure, the second, you could go around it if you didnt feel comfortable talking about it, saying stuff like, "I have talked to others about this disorder, and they dont agree with it..."