I am 23 year old female. I’ve considered myself heterosexual all my life. I don’t fell in love very often, but if I do it is only with men. I had and still have only male celebrity crushes. I like to daydream about emotional, spiritual, and sexual relationship with a particular man. However, there is one thing that is haunting me, namely I am able to be sexually/genitally aroused by the pictures of both male and female genitals.

I began to masturbate when I was 5 or 6. I didn’t know what I was doing but it felt good so I kept doing it. When I was 8 or 9, I used to masturbate while looking at playboy pics(kept by my older brothers), which was the only sexual thing in my environment at that time. I remember I used to fantasize about myself being one of those women posing for men; these fantasies accompanied masturbation as well. Now, as I am grown up woman, pictures of naked women do not affect me like that any more. However, I noticed that I am still able to be aroused by the pictures of female genitals. (I find male genitals arousing also). I don’t know if it arouses me because I associate it with, for example, oral sex performed on women, or something like that. Looking at other parts of women, such as breasts, does not arouse me., maybe because I don’t feel pleasure from touching my own breast.

I must add that I am still virgin and haven’t had any kind of sexual contact with anybody. I usually use porn to masturbate, especially the kind of porn with oral sex performed on woman. I guess I can imagine how it feels. I don’t feel any attraction towards women, I don’t want to have sex with any woman but this strange arousal puzzles me. Am I bisexual because of it? If you were me, how would you identify yourself: heterosexual, bisexual, or something else? Please, help me and tell me what you think.


2634 days ago

I don't think there is anything abnormal about your being aroused by both male and female genitalia.

Do be careful about too much porn though as it can give you false expectations and negatively impact your sex life when you do eventually have a partner, expecting the partner to live up to the porn fantasy etc.

2634 days ago
I agree with Chemar's advice. I don't think you being aroused by female genitalia means you're bisexual or gay. I think it just plays a role in you fantasizing, you're that woman. Don't worry about it and I agree it's best not to rely on porn too much.

2634 days ago
It's totally normal.. The reason why it arouses you is because in the picsvideos they are women, and you are a woman, as women we tend to put ourselves in other peoples shoes. So when you look at it you imagine its you. Second, sex is arousing whether it be a man and woman or two women on the screen. Sex in general is designed to get you in the mood if you're watching.