My best guy friend asked me out a few days ago. I turned him down saying we would be better as friends, I also told him I liked him, but was afraid us going out would ruin everything. Talking to him today at school was weird because I was told by a numerous amount of his friends he liked my best friend Olivia. I asked him about it and he said he liked her because he changes his mind so often. Should I even give him the time of day? I mean we've been unofficially together for a long time cause we've been caught kissing and stuff, and we were supposed to go to this Halloween party as a couple, what should I do now? I'm so jealous, but what am I supposed to do? I don't wanna tell him this...


3478 days ago
I don't think you should try to be with him because he does not know who he wants to be with. Guys like that does not have their life in order and in the long run you will end up hurt because if he changes his mind all the time then he might cheat on you. Find somebody better that will treat you with respect, don't be his fool girl find a guy who already has his mind made up and doesn't change his mind all the time.

3476 days ago
If he changes his mind all the time, what does that tell you my dear?



2993 days ago
You have to remember that you told him you just wanted to be friends...what will ruin everything is if you don't decide quick how you really feel about this guy. If you do want to go out with him, and you have some concern about anything, then talk to him about it. Otherwise, I would think there's a connection missing between the two of you and your jealousy will fade fast. Either get him back quick or find a better guy!