I'm not sure, but am I normal? I am not like most people, I can tell you that now. I rarely find people like me, and I have more dislikes than likes. Sometimes when I am writing, I suddenly get this strong urge to write the last letter I wrote in a sentence. I cannot stop myself from doing it because my arm takes full control. While this happens, my eye starts to twitch a bit. But none of this causes pain, there's actually a bit of pleasure in my arm. It's very unusual to me, but it happens.

Another thing I am curious about is that I think I might have had depression. A while back I was feeling my absolute worst, I'd cry everyday for no reason and tell myself I was worthless, every little thing would stress me out. So there was my question, am I normal? Do I have a problem? Tell me, I am very curious.


I don't know why, but I feel like society depresses me, especially the humans that exist in it.
I'm not talking about people close to me either, just people in general. People that I don't even know!

I can't help but feel disgusted by the behavior of others. I don't know why, but it really saddens me, to the point of infuriating me. I feel like killing these people, that's how badly it makes me feel.

So, what is it that saddens me? Well, society as a whole... My peers, as in not friends or the like (I don't have any), but just people my age in general are obsessed with vanity, superficiality, material objects, substance (alcohol and drugs), and promiscuity.

I mean nowadays we have people binge drinking, then "hooking up" with random people at parties.. Having sex on the beach, in public, hell, sex is meaningless nowadays to most people. It's just a casual play thing, and not "love".

What has happened to society? What happened to the days of morality and purity? Nowadays, the majority of people seem to be binge drinking, promiscuous morons. Yeah, need I mention how women dress nowadays? It's disgusting... Cleavage on display, short shorts, short dresses, etc... What happened to modesty? What about class? But then again, it is not everyone who has been doing these most shameful things.

I know someone will say "don't worry about other people", but I don't know why I do. I don't think I worry about them, themselves, but rather I feel like this because I am disgusted. But nothing is ever going to change. People aren't going to stop getting drunk and going out and having sex at a beach... Ugh.


1912 days ago
Hi there - do you mind me asking your age? TBH your observation about society and lack of morals is exactly how I think lol. I also have a daughter who thank God, doesn't want to be like that. Is this the reason why you feel hatred? Its also fairly common for young people to go through a hateful stage.

I don't like the way some in society are either but instead of hating them, just be thankful you're not like them. Since you do have good morals / beliefs, then hatred shouldn't be there. I hope it makes you feel better to at least let this out and I honestly wonder what's happening too.

Regarding your feelings - if you don't feel better soon, its best to speak with a counselor at school. Remember hatred is bad for you because it releases stress hormones, which causes inflammation. Hope these feelings improve.

1911 days ago
Your perfectly normal don't think your not your own person