Im just 12 years old and im having troubles in my life. I cry myself to sleep and think about sucide attempts everyday. Im always in my room wanting to be alone. My habits have changed majorly. I wish all the time of never wanting to be alive but I know my family will be lost without me. Im smart and I have everything I need to make it to college. I want to become a writer when I get older but the way I think and how my life is I dont think I will make it to fillful my dreams.


3281 days ago
Hi Lorenn,

first of all you need to know that suicide is never an option. When you have those feelings don't hesitate to call 1-800-SUICIDE. There isn't any problem worth taking your life. Maybe when you're older you can write a book to help others.

You need to tell your parents exactly how you feel so they can take you to the doctor. Don't be embarrassed. There are on-line therapists but they cost money and in my opinion won't do any good. A therapist needs to treat the patient in person. You could also talk to your school guidance councelor.

It's tough being 12 as the teen years approach. There are alot of mind/body changes going on and you're transitioning from a child to a teen. Do you know what's making you so sad? You really need to find someone you trust that you can confide all your feelings. Is everything going okay at school?

You talk about how you spend alot of time in your room. I think you should try to get out of the house. You should also be exercising because it perks you up. When your body is strong then so is your mind. Try to do your best at school and have fun with your friends. This can be a great time in your life too.

I hope that you will tell your parents and get some help so you can feel better. You should keep dreaming those dreams and keep that goal to go to college. You sound like a smart and wonderful child. Be smart and be safe. Okay?

3280 days ago
Some people tell me that it isnt worth taking my life but what my mom and dad and step-dad have put me through effects me deeply. I have talked to cousins but the my cousin lives in VA and my other cousin is in Iraq. They are both brothers and sisters to me. And I cant tell my parents cuz they will just tell me its all in my head. It isnt and I really dont know you but Im really starting to feel better talking to you. Im not really close enough to my parents like Im with my cousins because everything I have done,told,expressed all to my parents they think im weird and everything I do isnt good enough for them. I feel like my brother is the one they love the most.And yes everything at school is wonderful. I have friends that I can be myself around and they dont judge me. And iM NOt sure we have a cousler at school but I will try to find out. And thats a really good idea about going outside but my parents wont let me go out and have fun or move around cuz my mother is in law enforcement and she doesnt trust the world out there for her kids to be outside. My parents are never home and we have a Babysitter/nanny to watch us. think the only reason im the way um is because i lost my grandpa a couple of months ago and I lost the two people in my life that were actually like my parents my grandma Delores and my grandpa Robert. Delores died 6 six years ago and Robert last year. And I would love to write a book about what I went through in my life and that my book could help others.

As you can probably tell my parents were never around when I was little and when I was growning up. So they really dont know what kind of girl Im and so they think Im this perfect daughter but the way they treat me and stuff is not the way I want to be and it hurts me to know Im not good enough for them and that I might never be. Im sorry I wrote like A Big novel..Will You Plz Comment me Back.Thanks

3280 days ago
Suicide is never the answer. you're 12 tears old, you need to know, the beautiful woman you one day will be so you will be able to help thw other children. Mabe, through your writing, maby through talking. You'll make it into college. The chaos of today, and the catatonic stress they're putting you all through. I'm not supprised the number of depression is rising. I wouldnt use online methods, it dosnt help at all. Talk to someone in life.

3280 days ago
Sucide is probably not the answer for some people that their life is all good,And that what others do doesnt effect you. But sucide is the answer sometimes for people like me. Cuz your not perfect and your life,future is all screwed up caused by what choices others have made. And I hope to that if I love to see my next 18 or 19 years that I can help others and thanks alot for the info. It was really helping

3279 days ago
I am very glad to hear that you realize suicide is not the answer...but then I see another time you think that it is.

I do think that you could be such a great teacher to those who feel like you do now. You have a lot to offer us, yourself, and the world.

Talk to your school counselor, if you have too, just talk to someone face to face about this. You are too important to be a statistic.