I am a MA student in the field of Mental Health Counseling. My professor has assigned us to interview someone in our field of interest. However, we only have a few days to have this information completed. If you could please help me my answering the following questions, I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance for your help.


1. What are some successful strategies that helped with your academic progress?
2. What are some current trends in the field?
3. Will these trends affect my future work?
4. What are some obstacles to avoid in my academic and professional development.
5. Do you have any advice and feedback on my current plan to become a Mental Health Counselor with a specialization in personality disorders?


3131 days ago
I think your professor means you need to go and interview a mental health professional. Most of us here aren't doctors, psychologists and are just people who want to help others with their wisdom. Some are regular answerers like myself and then you will get a wide range of opinion even from 10 yr olds. Plus we can't do your homework for you. Since it's Friday I think you should start making phone calls. Good luck getting it done.

3130 days ago
Actually, my professor said an online forum would be appropriate. I absolutely did not intend for anyone to do my homework for me, I just couldn't get anyone in person with such little notice.

I thought someone here would be able to help. I guess I went to the wrong forum.

3130 days ago
^ good, wise advice!

3118 days ago
Well, it probably is not the best place to go, as Bella said, most are not doctors. I may be the only one, other than Doc John, and I am not a Doc yet, either.