I have been dating a guy in his late 30's. He is very close to his mom. He lives with his Mother. She text him while we are out on a date to find out when he will be home. She has even made up an illness to bring him home early. I was disturbed when i read a text message he sent his mom. He said, I love you xoxoxoxox.
The xoxoxoxox is what i feel is not normal... She cooks for him morning and night.. I am just wondering if this would ever be a healthy relationship...... Thank you!


2687 days ago
I agree it would be better if he was more independent and she shouldn't text him when he's on a date - maybe he didn't tell her he was on a date. You would need to ask him, why he doesn't have his own place. I don't think it's odd he tells her he loves with xoxoxox. How do you know she cooks morning and night? It's hard to tell if this is an unhealthy attachment - there could be legitimate reasons why he still lives at home.

2680 days ago
he definitely sounds like a mama's boy (:

i honestly don't think it is something to worry about. yeah, he is getting kind of old, but maybe he has been through a lot with his mother & they have developed a really strong relationship.

if you get weird vibes, then talk to him about it & see what is going on.

if you ever tried to be extremely serious with this guy, & he ALWAYS put his mother before you, then maybe that is the point when you should start worrying. bella is right, it would be better if he was more independent.